10 Ton Hydraulic Presses

10 Ton Hydraulic Presses and Accessory Parts from Mittler Bros.

Machine Shop Press and Equipment Manufacturer

Consider 10 ton hydraulic presses and accessories from Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products as your next shop and sheet metal fabrication press. Known throughout the racing, automotive and aircraft industries as an innovator for over 30 decades, our design and engineering team created the ideal 10 ton hydraulic press and other models for bench-mounting in small repair shops, industrial machine shops, auto body businesses and for parts manufacturing businesses.

Although many of our products are designed for racing enthusiasts, teams, DIYers, car and aircraft restorers, and lightweight racecars, our presses are actually ideal for repairs, customization, parts manufacturing for assembly, industrial or machinists shops and for companies small and large. Our 10 ton hydraulic presses are flexible-use sheet metal fabrication tools and can be used in just about any size business with a shop.

10 Ton Hydraulic Presses and Shop Press Accessory Parts Are Available Direct from the Manufacturer—Contact Mittler Bros.

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Hydraulic Presses for Sheet Metal Fabrication

Our hydraulic presses include 3-ton, 5-ton and 10-ton ram capacity presses that are ideal for shops. Mittler presses may be bench-mounted, used as benchtop presses, or in many cases may be used on stands. Flexibility-in-use, while providing accurate, durable, dependable equipment and accessories is one of our major design attributes. Our sheet metal hydraulic presses include:

  • 10 Ton Hydraulic Presses
    • 10-ton ram capacity hydraulic press
    • Body made from extremely durable 3/8” steel plating
    • Hydraulic air and electric pumps available
    • 10’ hose and hydraulic press fitting (6’ and 20’ hoses available for other models)
    • 25-½” deep throat (6” throat height) for easy use of a wide range of sheet metals
    • Spring loaded centering mechanism
    • Slug ejector assembly
    • Lower punch, upper punch and flare adaptor and bolt(s)
    • Versatile-use design allows function as a standard arbor press (arbor nut wrench included)
    • Wide range of punch, die and flare accessories (sets and individual pieces)
  • 3 Ton and 5 Ton Hydraulic and Manual Presses
    • 3-ton and 5-ton ram capacity hydraulic presses
    • Hydraulic pumps (air and electric)
    • Manual presses
    • Presses available with a wide range of accessories and tool options
  • Louver Presses
    • Louver Press Starter Kits (1” to 5” styles standard)
    • Louver blocks (urethane)
    • Louver dies and punches from 1” to 5” (standard sets available also)
    • 3” dome Louver parts
    • Louver dies (Louver Press only dies)
    • Punch stripper assemblies
    • Specialty Louver punches and dies
    • Additional accessories
  • Press Accessories for Hydraulic, Manual and Louver Presses
    • Air pumps with 6’, 10’ and Louver 20’ hoses and applicable fitting
    • Bend kit (standard 90 degree)
    • Corner punch assemblies
    • Corner radius punches
    • Dies (Louver styles)
    • Dies and punches (standard) - round and square parts, hex, oblong, and rectangle sizes
    • Hoses for all models include 6’, 10’ and 20’ lines
    • Hydraulic pumps with 6’, 10’ and Louver 20’ hoses and applicable fitting
    • Punch and die mounting kits
    • Shear plates for presses
    • Specialty punches - Dzus punches, metric round along with custom designs (see individual store products)
    • Shear tooling assembly parts
    • Note: not all accessories available for each model

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Call Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products Toll-Free at (800) 467-2464
St. Louis Area Callers, Call Direct at 636-745-7757