10 Ton Hydraulic Shop Press

10 Ton Hydraulic Shop Press Equipment and Accessories

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Mittler Bros. manufactures 10 ton hydraulic shop press equipment and accessories for sheet metal fabrication. Affordable for the small business, portable enough for small machine shops, and durable enough for the most demanding of tasks, our 10 ton hydraulic shop presses are essential machinery for any automotive shop, repair shop, dealership, racing team, parts manufacturer or industrial company.

Although many of our products are designed for custom racing fabrications, high-end automotive parts manufacturing, and for machine shops, their flexibility in use and portability offer business clients, DIYers, car enthusiasts and individuals alike the equipment that is ideal for sheet metal and related fabrications. Our presses are designed for aluminum, stainless steels and mild steels. Combined with other bending, cutting, notching, hammering and finishing equipment, your press allows simple and complex parts fabrication and customization.

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Products—10 Ton Hydraulic Shop Press

Our presses are available in a variety of models including a 10 ton hydraulic shop press, 5 ton presses, Louver Press/Press Kit and accessory parts. Use your Mittler Bros. press for shop fabrications, parts, sheet metal forming and custom work. Our shop bench presses include:

  • 10 Ton Hydraulic Shop Press
    • 10 ton ram capacity press
    • Hydraulic shop press options include air and electric pumps (manual presses available) sold separately
    • 10 foot hose and fitting
    • 25-½ inch throat depth and 6 inch throat height
    • Lower punch/flare adaptor and punch/flare bolt
    • Upper punch/flare adaptor and punch/flare bolt
    • Slug ejector assembly
    • Spring-loaded center
    • Press may be used as a standard arbor press; arbor nut wrench included
    • 3 ton and 5 ton shop presses or bench presses available
    • Wide range of shop press accessories available
  • Louver Presses
    • Louver Press starter kits (1 inch to 5 inch styles standard)
    • Louver urethane blocks
    • Standard die mounting kit
    • Louver dies and Louver punches from 1 inch to 5 inches (wide selection of standard sets, and individual punches available also)
    • 3 inch dome Louver
    • Punch stripper assembly
    • Specialty punches
    • Additional accessories

Mittler Bros. manufacturers and supplies customers with a variety standard and specialty press accessories. Our accessories for shop presses include:

  • 90˚ Bend Kits (standard)
  • Corner punch assemblies
  • Corner radius punches
  • Die and punch mounting kits
  • Dies and punches (standard) - hex, oblong, rectangle, round and square parts
  • Metric round punches
  • Press pumps – air and hydraulic pumps with hoses and fittings (6 foot, 10 foot and 20 foot hose for Louver)
  • Shear press plates
  • Shear tooling assembly parts
  • Specialty punches including Dzus punches and many specialty Louver-specific dies

For additional accessories for a 10 ton hydraulic shop press or other press models, please review our bench press products. Mittler Bros. shop press bodies are made of durable steel plating, designed to last, and are cost-effective tooling solutions for small shops and repair businesses.

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