10 Ton Press

10-Ton Press Equipment and Accessories from Mittler Brothers

Choose Durable, Steel-Plate, 10-Ton Press Equipment Made in Missouri

When you choose a 10-ton press from Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products, you are getting machine shop equipment from a nationally-recognized leader in design, engineering and manufacturing of machine shop equipment for automotive repair shops, auto body shops, racing teams, industrial machine shops and for aircraft application.  Mittler bench presses are designed to last.  We engineer presses with durable steel-plate bodies, and we manufacture the accessories that you need for your fabrications, repairs, general parts production, automotive customization projects, or even for fine, metal art applications (learn more about the Jamey Jordan Signature Series).

Our products are affordable for even individual racing teams or independent repair shops.  Choose the equipment you need for your automotive repairs, assembly work or automotive customization.   Mittler Bros. also manufactures equipment to meet the needs of customized industrial automation solutions.  Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products manufactures bench-mount presses, stand-alone presses, and presses that you can mount on workstations.  We manufacture 3-Ton Manual Bench Press, a 5-Ton Hydraulic Bench Press, a Louver Press Kit (and press), and a 10-Ton Hydraulic Bench Press.  Press tooling equipment and accessories are available direct from the manufacture—order online or contact us with your product questions.

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Choose the 10-Ton Press Equipment and Accessories that Your Shop Requires

For great flexibility in usage and for the power you require, choose a 10-Ton Press or a 10-Ton Hydraulic Bench Press (hydraulic pumps sold separately) that will allow your mechanics, repair personnel or parts designers to fulfill your standardized parts and panel equipment customization, repairs or fabrication.  You can speed up production times or quickly create customized sheet metal fabrications racing or for even automotive cosmetic repairs, or for parts assemblies.  Be sure to choose the accessory tooling parts for bench presses that you need for your shop.  We design, engineer and fabricate very durable products in Missouri and ship nationwide or worldwide.

Your 10-ton press has many features that make this an ideal piece of equipment for general machine shop production work.  Your 10-ton press equipment includes a durable, workhorse press along with the accessories that you will need to start using your press the day it arrives—we ship truck freight on most off our heavier items.

The main features of the Mittler 10-ton press are:

The general specifications for our 10-ton press are:

  • —10-Ton Press
  • —10-Ton Capacity
  • —Maximum Tooling Capacity for Press:  3” Punch and Flare for 14 Gauge Mild Steels
  • —25 ½” Deep Throat
  • —6” Throat Height
  • —4” Stroke
  • —3” Maximum Clearance between Tooling
  • —Maximum Tooling Capacity for Press:  3” Punch and Flare for 14 Gauge Mild Steels

General press accessories include:

  • —Arbor Nut Wrench Tool Mounting Adapter
  • —Lower Punch/Flare Adapter and Bolt (additional punches and flares available separately)
  • —Upper Punch/Flare Adapter and Bolt (additional punches and flares available separately)
  • —Slug-Ejector Assembly
  • —Spring Loaded Center
  • —Tool Mounting Adapter

Additional accessories are available including air and electric hydraulic pumps (sold separately).  Please contact us with any questions about our 10-ton press, other presses or tooling accessories.

Choose a 10-Ton Press from Mittler Bros. for Your Machine Shop or Racing Team

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