New 10-Ton Spring Steel Hydraulic Press

New, 10-Ton Spring Steel Hydraulic Press Engineered for Body Mounts and Braces

Mittler Brothers Announces Availability of a New, 10-Ton Spring Steel Hydraulic Press

If your automotive shop, auto body shop, sheet metal fabrication shop, manufacturing job shop, machinist, mechanic, racing team or other business needs a reliable, well-built Bench Press, then be sure to take a look at the brand new, 10-Ton Spring Steel Hydraulic Press that is now available from sale from the manufacturer, Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products.  This new Bench Press continues our line of small-to-mid-sized shop equipment the offers a compact, rugged design and considerable usage flexibility.  Mittler Bros. manufactures a range of presses, Hydraulic Presses, dies, punches, stands and many other types of shop equipment.

Contact Mittler Brothers for any purchasing assistance—you may order online at the Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products online store, as well—or for more information about our new, 10-Ton Spring Steel Hydraulic Press (Hydraulic Pump and optional Tool Stand sold separately), tooling and accessories, or other products.  You may call Mittler Bros. direct at 636-745-7757, or toll-free at 800-467-2464.  If you would like to e-mail us your questions, please do so at:

Features and Specifications for the Mittler Bros. New, 10-Ton Spring Steel Hydraulic Press

Mittler Bros. is pleased to offer a new Hydraulic Press model that is a great piece of equipment for machine shops, mechanics, automotive repair centers, auto body shops, racing teams, and for any businesses that need durable, well-built presses for general sheet metal fabrication and customization tasks—this is also a great piece of equipment for DIYers and individual customers to have around the house our your garage for your own projects.

Our new, 10-Ton Spring Steel Hydraulic Press (Part# 2200-HSK) offers a range of features and specifications including:

  • —A Hydraulic Bench Press that is ideal for a wide range of sheet metal fabrication tasks and general production work
  • —Engineered specifically for body mounts and braces
  • —A 10-ton capacity press
  • —3/8” steel plate construction
  • —A 2-¾” Deep Throat
  • —A maximum 3” clearance between tooling
  • —A 2” stroke
  • —Heat-treated Punch & Die for a long product life
  • —Built-in guide for press for material widths of 1/16” x 1”
  • —Press comes completely configure to punch a 9/32” hole
  • —Comes with an Arbor Nut Wrench
  • —Please note that our Hydraulic Pumps are sold separately

Additionally, Mittler Bros. manufactures several types of Tool Stands including the optional Floor Stands with Locking Casters for this model.  We also produce a wide assortment of general and specialty Punch & Dies available to fit this new, 10-Ton Spring Steel Hydraulic Press as well as our other presses.  We encourage you to look through our Mittler Bros. section of the Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products online store to review specific presses, accessories and other related equipment.

Additional Presses, Punch & Dies and Accessories

Mittler Bros. manufacturers a product line of Bench Presses and Hydraulic Presses as well as a range of accessories and other related equipment.  Currently in our line of Bench Presses, we offer:  a Small Manual Bench Press, a 3-Ton Manual Bench Press, a 3-Ton Dual Manual Bench Press, a 3-Ton Quad Manual Bench Press, a 5-Ton Hydraulic Bench Press, and a 10-Ton Hydraulic Bench Press.  We also offer a range of Bench Press Tooling and Accessories for these Bench Press models.  Be sure to take a look at our product line of Tool Stands to find the right stationary or movable Tool Stand with Locking Casters that meets your space and equipment requirements.

Additionally, we offer a Louver Press Kit (and accessories) and Louver Punches.

Contact Mittler Bros. for a New, 10-Ton Spring Steel Hydraulic Press or Other Products

Contact Mittler Brothers for more information or to purchase our rugged, new, 10-Ton Spring Steel Hydraulic Press that is ideally engineered for body mounts and braces.  This press is an ideal piece of equipment for small shops engaged in automotive repairs and general sheet metal fabrication or customization production work.  You may e-mail Mittler Bros. at:  You may call us toll-free, nationwide, at 800-467-2464; or, if you are near Wright City, MO, or in the St. Louis metropolitan area, feel free to call us locally at 636-745-7757.

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