3 Ton Bench Press

3 Ton Bench Press and Accessory Parts

Automotive Shop Press Manufacturer

Mittler Bros. manufactures 3 ton bench presses and equipment, 5 ton bench presses, and 10 ton hydraulic presses and accessories for machinists, DIYers, racing teams, automotive shops and parts fabricators. Our American-made and engineered products are the result of over 30 years of industry experience and innovative designs. Many of our presses and ancillary equipment are designed for automotive parts fabrication, customization, racecars, aircraft maintenance and boating/marine applications. Although the equipment may have been inspired for these applications, businesses small and large appreciate the affordability and dependability of our tools and equipment.

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As our business expanded with the growth of NASCAR and the racing circuits, our focus on delivering equipment usable for diverse applications grew as well. Our products are flexible-use and long-lasting. We manufacture bench presses and equipment in Missouri, ship throughout the US (truck frequently), and ship globally. Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products also designs, engineers and manufactures equipment solutions for manufacturers and industrial-use applications.

3 Ton Bench Presses and Equipment

For automotive fabrications, parts replacement and customization, machine shops, racing teams and other businesses need reliable automotive shop presses that have standard and specialty accessories. Whether in racing, classic car restorations or even for other automotive, boating and aviation manufacturing, generally, shop presses are the standard for sheet metal fabrications.

Features for our 3 ton bench presses (manual):

  • 3 ton working capacity
  • Durable 3/8” steel plating construction (press body)
  • Uses Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products standard and specialty dies and punches
  • Uses standard dies and punches from other manufacturers
  • Standard dies and punches for round, oblong and square perforations/holes
  • Is easily mounted on a bench or stand
  • Bronze bushings
  • 12” throat depth
  • Lower and upper punch/flare adaptors and bolts
  • Slug ejector assembly
  • Spring-loaded center
  • Usable as a Standard Arbor Press

Additionally, we manufacture a wide range of punches, dies, flares, standard parts, specialty accessories and other items. Review our product categories for specific accessories. Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products also manufactures, 10 ton Louver presses, and 5 ton bench presses, 10 ton hydraulic presses or manual presses and fabrication equipment including Power Hammers, Planishing Hammers and English Wheels.

Design, Engineering and Manufacturing of Automation Equipment

Specialty automation, custom-built presses or other equipment can be the solution your company needs for industrial use, repairs, parts manufacturing, for assembly or sale, or to perform custom work on new projects or obsolescent machinery (when no OEM parts are available any longer). Mittler Bros. designs, engineers and manufactures custom-built, industrial automation equipment providing larger companies and manufacturers with fabrication and tooling solutions needed to fabricate parts, assemble and finish the manufacturing process.

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