3 Ton Press

Choose a Manual 3-Ton Press for Machine Shop Operations

Handy Mittler Brothers 3-Ton Press

Racing teams, automotive repair shops, racing teams, mechanics, machine shops and companies can rely on a 3-Ton Press (or 3-Ton Manual Bench Press) for daily work, repairs, sheet metal fabrication, automotive customization or other tasks.  With a long-lasting bench press from Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products, you machinist or mechanic has a handy manual tool with a wide range of optional products and accessories.  We also provide custom automated industrial solutions for industrial and manufacturing companies.

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Manual 3-Ton Press Features

Our 3-Ton Press (Manual) is a reliable product for machinists, automotive repair shops and auto body customizers, or racing teams.  This bench press is ideal for machine shop fabrications and daily production work. This bench press includes:

  • —Spring Loaded Center
  • —Slug Ejector Assembly
  • —Lower Punch/Flare Adapter & Bolt
  • —Upper Punch/Flare Adapter & Bolt
  • —Arbor Nut Wrench

General Press Features

  • —Usable as a Standard Press or as an Arbor Press
  • —Rugged 5/16" welded plate construction
  • —Mount Tooling (straight in use or rotate 90° for side-to-side usage)
  • —Bronze Bushings
  • —Fits all of our Punch & Flares
  • —Accepts all of our Press Tooling and Accessories

General Product Specifications

  • —3 Ton Capacity
  • —12" Deep Throat
  • —3” Maximum Clearance between Tooling
  • —Maximum Tooling Capacity for Press:  3” Punch & Flare for up to 16 Gauge Mild Steels

An Optional Floor Stand with Locking Casters is also available for our 3 Ton Press.

Choose Reliable Mittler Brothers’ Bench Presses and Accessories

Choose a reliable Mittler Brothers’ 3-Ton Press or any of our other Bench Presses include a 5 Ton Hydraulic Bench Press, a 10 Ton Hydraulic Bench Press, Louver Punches (Louver Punch Start Up Kits and Individual Louver Punch Dies and a Louver Press Kit.   Additionally useful accessories for your bench press include a Universal Tool Stand, an optional Floor Stand with Locking Casters, Hydraulic Pumps (air and electric), and Press Tooling accessories (e.g. 90˚ Bend Kit, Corner Punch Assembly, Corner Radius Punch, Dzus Punches, Punch and Dies, Shear Assembly, and a Shrinker/Stretcher Deep Throat).    Additional accessories include Aircraft Punch & Flare Sets, Automotive Punch & Flare Sets, a Press Brake Mounting Adaptor Kit, and Punch & Bead Sets.

We design, engineer, and manufacture these tools and optional accessories in Missouri, just west of St. Louis.  We ship bench presses and optional parts, dies, die sets, flares, punches, adaptors, and other items nationwide.  Choose our reliable products you need for your machine shop.  International clients are welcome to contact us.

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