45 Degree Bead Roll Sets

New 45 Degree Bead Roll Sets in the Mittler Brothers Bead Rolling Product Line

Mittler Brothers Now Manufactures and Sells New 45 Degree Bead Rolls Sets

Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool is pleased to announce the product release of our new 45 Degree Bead Roll Sets (Model #201-45 Series), which expands or product line Bead Rolls, sheet metal fabrication art Bead Rolls, Art Bead Rollers, Bead Rollers, Rotary Machines, replacement parts, and accessories.  These new, nine different 45 Degree Bead Rolls are available in two durable materials, specifically, Heat-treated Steel Bead Rolls or plastic Nylatron Bead Rolls.  This new product release expands our bead rolling products line, and the steel or Nylatron Bead Rolls range in size from 1/8” to 1” and are designed for use with any of the Mittler Brothers Standard 1-1/8” Throat Bead Rollers product line.

Our new Bead Rolls are particularly useful for sheet metal working for automotive and aircraft panel, restoration/repair or customization work (and for racecars), as well as for HVAC applications.  These 45 Degree Bead Roll Sets are ideal for machine shops, auto body shops, automotive repair businesses, small- to mid-sized manufacturing or industrial job shops, and even for individual sheet metal art or customization projects.

45 Degree Bead Roll Sets: General Specifications

The new 45 Degree Bead Rolls/45 Degree Bead Roll Sets are all CNC-machined parts using heat-treated steel for durability, reliability, and a long product lifecycle for use in a machine shop, a business, or for individual customers.  Each of these specific Bead Roll sizes are available in durable Nylatron plastic for the same price as the steel Bead Boll material.  These Nylatron Bead Rolls are ideal accessories for anyone using a Bead Roller to work pre-finished materials, sheets of thin Aluminum, Brass or Copper.  All of these Heat-Treated Steel Bead Rolls and Nylatron Bead Rolls may be used with any Standard 1-1/8” Throat Bead Rollers made by Mittler Brothers.

The 45 Degree Bead Roll Sets specifications for width represents the bead size, and all Standard Roll Sets listed below have a 2-½” O.D. x ¾” I.D.  Also, be sure to place the MB stamp toward the machine when installing the Bead Rolls on the Bead Roller.

Our nine, new 45 Degree Bead Rolls include:

  • —1/8” 45° Bead Roll (MB Part# 201-125-45)
  • —3/16” 45° Bead Roll (MB Part# 201-188-45)
  • —¼” 45° Bead Roll (MB Part# 201-250-45)
  • —5/16” 45° Bead Roll (MB Part# 201-313-45)
  • —3/8” 45° Bead Roll (MB Part# 201-375-45)
  • —½” 45° Bead Roll (MB Part# 201-500-45)
  • —5/8” 45° Bead Roll (MB Part# 201-625-45)
  • —¾” 45° Bead Roll (MB Part# 201-750-45)
  • —1” 45° Bead Roll (MB Part# 201-100-45)

Please note: Bead Rollers are sold separately.

Bead Rollers, Rotary Machines, Bead Rolls and Kits, and Accessories

Mittler Brothers sells an extensive set of products for machine shops, general sheet metal fabrication work and customization, as well as ship machinery, equipment, tools, replacement parts and accessories.  We recommend that you review our entire product line of bead rolling products including the new 45 Degree Bead Roll Sets, as well as Bead Rollers, Bead Rolls and Kits, Rotary Machines and other products.

Our Bead Rolling equipment, tools, kits, and accessories includes:  Bead Rollers, Bead Roller Accessories, Gold Series Designer Rolls, High Throat Bead Rollers (4” Throat Bead Rollers), High Throat High Crown Bead Rolls (4” Throat Bead Rollers), High Throat Standard Bead Rolls (4” Throat Bead Rollers), Manual Bead Rollers and related parts, Power Drive Bead Rollers and related parts, Rotary Machines and related parts, Rotary Machine Bead Rolls (standard), Standard Bead Rolls (several different sets, various designs; Standard Bead Rolls are for use with 1-1/8” Bead Rollers).

Visit the Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products online store, to review our expanded product line of Bead Rolls, Bead Rollers, Rotary Machines, our new 45 Degree Bead Rolls Sets, accessory products, or to review other types of machine shop and sheet metal fabrication equipment, tools and accessories in our extensive inventory.

If you would like to have a catalog for a business or individual use, you may request a printed copy of the 2015 product catalog.  You may download a pdf file version of the catalog from the page above as well.

Jamey Jordan Signature Series Bead Rollers, Art Bead Rolls and Bead Rolling Instructional DVDs

If you are interested in any of our new 45 Degree Bead Roll Sets or individual Bead Rolls, we would like to point out that we have an extensive product line of Bead Rollers and Art Bead Rolls designed in conjunction with renowned sheet metal fabrication artist Jamey Jordan.  We have collaborate with Jamey Jordan for more than a couple of years now to provide customization and artwork Bead Rolls, other accessories and instructional DVDs to our customers.

You may review the Jamey Jordan Signature Series for more detail product information about any items in that product line.  Mittler Brothers sells a range of sheet metal fabrication and bead rolling Instructional DVDs from several leading metalworking experts including Ron Fournier, Ron Covell and Jamey Jordan.  If you want instructional material on sheet metal customization and artwork, we recommend the two Jamey Jordan videos, The Art of Bead Rolling, Volume 1, and also The Art of Bead Rolling, Volume 2:  All the Steps.

Contact Mittler Brothers for New 45 Degree Bead Roll Sets or Other Products

If you have any questions about our new 45 Degree Bead Roll Sets, other Bead Rolls and Bead Roll Sets, Bead Rollers, Rotary Machines or other products, please contact Mittler Brothers   with your inquiries.  Mittler Brothers is located west of the St. Louis metropolitan region in Wright City, MO.  The vast majority of the products that we manufacture are produced in the U.S.A.—Missouri, in fact.

Individuals or businesses may call us at 636-745-7757, or call us nationwide at 800-467-2464.  If you have any other questions about machine shop equipment, tools or accessories, or if your business is interested in services or products, you may e-mail us at: sales@mittlerbros.com.