52 Inch Sheet Metal Foot Shear

52 Inch Sheet Metal Foot Shear for Sale at Mittler Brothers

The Mittler Brothers 52 Inch Sheet Metal Foot Shear Is Redesigned for Our 2015 Product Line

If you are looking for machine shop equipment, our new and improved standard, the 52 Inch Sheet Metal Foot Shear is available direct from Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool (and Tanner Racing Products).  We manufacture and sell an extensive selection of general sheet metal fabrication equipment, tools and related accessories.  Our Foot Shears and Sheet Metal Brakes are ideal for general machine shop production work, for automotive repair/auto body businesses, small or mid-sized manufacturers, racing teams, automotive customization and restoration specialists, and even for enterprising DIYers.  Our redesigned 52 Inch Sheet Metal Foot Shear is an excellent, solidly-designed piece of equipment for sheet metal fabrication tasks, and for repairing or restoring automotive panels and other work requiring sheet metal cutting and manipulation work.  Additionally, we manufacture these Foot Shears in the U.S.A.

Contact Mittler Brothers for more additional product details about this Foot Shear and its optional Back Gauge Kit (sold separately), or for answers to any of your questions about other types sheet metal fabrication equipment, machine shop sheet equipment, tools and accessory products.  Companies and individual customers may call us locally in Wright City, MO, at (636) 745-7757—located west of St. Louis.  Customers may call us nationwide at (800) 467-2464.  If you have any questions about this particular Foot Shear model, or our about any of our related fabrication equipment including Sheet Metal Brakes, you can always reach us by e-mail at: sales@mittlerbros.com.

Redesigned 52 Inch, 16 Gauge, Sheet Metal Foot Shear Is an Ideal Piece of Equipment for Machine Shops

Mittler Brothers has redesigned one of our popular and standard pieces of sheet metal fabrication equipment for shops.  Our 52 Inch Sheet Metal Foot Shear is sturdy, durable and offers users considerable versatility and flexibility for a wide range of production jobs, repair work and customization projects.  This well-built Foot Shear offers small-to-mid sized businesses, machinists and manufacturers considerable flexibility in manipulating a wide range of types of sheet metal and helps speed up fabrication and/or repair work.  This redesigned, 52 Inch Sheet Metal Foot Shear offers you accuracy, quick cutting, and considerable flexibility when working on customization projects, automotive panel repairs and repair/restoration jobs.

Currently, our main product line of Sheet Metal Foot Shears and Back Gauge Kits includes:

At Mittler Brothers, we strive to provide our customers with a wide range of technical information.  We offer a wide range of downloads and informational pages.  Be sure to review our Manuals Section, which includes equipment technical information downloads.  Also, you may follow links to our product catalog download page, request a printed copy of the current catalog, review Frequently Asked Question (our FAQ section), and review other information.

Mittler Brothers Has a New, 72 Inch Sheet Metal Foot Shear and Various Metal Brakes for Sale

If your machine shop needs a larger Foot Shear, we are now offering a new Ultimate 72” Foot Shear with an optional Back Gauge Kit.  We also offer a wide range of other sheet metal fabrication equipment.  This 72 Inch Sheet Metal Foot Shear based upon the design of the new and improved 52 Inch Sheet Metal Foot Shear.  Additionally, Mittler Brothers manufactures and sells a wide range of other categories of machine shop equipment and accessories.  The most closely related equipment includes: Sheet Metal Brakes, Ultimate Box & Pan Brake Fingers, Radius Brakes, Ultimate Box & Pan Brake Accessories, Beverly Shears and Replacement Blades.

Please take a look at categories of machine shop and sheet metal fabrication equipment available through the Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products online store—you or your business may contact us with questions about ordering or for more product details for your business.  You can learn more about Mittler Brothers and Tanner Racing Products on our YouTube channel where we also have machinery demonstration videos.

If you have any questions about the new and improved, 52 Inch Sheet Metal Foot Shear, the optional Back Gauge Kit, our other Foot Shear, about Sheet Metal Brakes, or about other products, then contact Mittler Brothers.  You may call Mittler Brothers at (636) 745-7757, or toll-free at (800) 467-2464.  You may reach us by e-mail at: sales@mittlerbros.com.