72-Inch Sheet Metal Foot Shear

New, Larger 72-Inch Sheet Metal Foot Shear Is Available for Sale

The Newly-Designed, Mittler Brothers’ 72-Inch Sheet Metal Foot Shear Is Available Now

Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool/Tanner Racing Products now manufactures and sells a newly-design 72-Inch Sheet Metal Foot Shear.  This model was designed and engineered using the popular features and long-term durability of our Ultimate 52” x 16 Gauge Foot Shear—this model is now redesigned and improved as well.  Both models offer you considerable use flexibility, versatility, and long-term durability for sheet metal fabrication tasks on a wide range of sheet metal grades and sizes.  Our new 72-Inch Sheet Metal Foot Shear is a well-built piece of equipment that will benefit almost any machine shop.  This Foot Shear expands our sheet metal fabrication equipment and accessories product line, which also includes Sheet Metal Brakes, accessories, and many other categories of metal fabrication machinery, equipment and tools.

Contact Mittler Brothers for more details about our new 72-Inch Sheet Metal Foot Shear, for help ordering, or for more information about our other Sheet Metal Shear, optional Back Gauge Kits, or for details about related metal fabrication equipment and tools such as Sheet Metal Brakes, Box & Pan Brakes, Radius Brakes, and related accessories.  You may call us locally in Wright City, MO, at 636-745-7757; or call us toll-free, nationwide, at 800-467-2464.  If you have any questions about shears, brakes, accessories, or any of other metal fabrication and machine shop products, feel free to e-mail us at: sales@mittlerbros.com.

Features and Specifications for the New, 72-Inch Sheet Metal Foot Shear

The Mittler Brothers’ Foot Shears and accessories product line has expanded.  We have added a new 72-Inch Sheet Metal Foot Shear based on the design for the new and improved 52-Inch Foot Shear model.  This particular Foot Shear offers machinists, shops, and metal fabrication workers a wide range of features and an optional Back Gauge Kit that will provide you with long-term durability and flexibility in usage.  This Foot Shear works on a variety of sheet metal grades.

Our new, 72-Inch Sheet Metal Foot Shear features and specifications include the following:

  • Ultimate 72” Foot Shear (Part #3000-72-24) has the following features and specifications:
    • ——A newly designed Foot Shear that is based upon the design of our popular 52-Inch Sheet Metal Foot Shear, and is an addition to our expanding product line of Sheet Metal Brakes and Foot Shears
    • ——This is an ideal piece of machine shop equipment for general automotive body/panel fabrication work and repairs, for automotive and racecar customization projects, and for daily, machine shop, sheet metal fabrication production work and individual jobs
    • ——Overall dimensions:  96” Length x 40” Width x 53” Height
    • ——Maximum workpiece capacity: 18 Gauge (.040”) 6061 Aluminum and 24 Gauge (0.024”) Mild Steels
    • ——Precision-machined steel table for a long product life
    • ——72” cut with the 72” steel table
    • ——Reversible blades provide you with an extended product life cycle
    • ——Blade clearance is adjustable, thus providing maximum use and versatility
    • ——An engraved scale for convenience and easy reference for accurate cutting
    • ——Back Gauge Kit for Ultimate 72” Foot Shear (optional product; this kit is sold separately)
    • ——Our 72-Inch Sheet Metal Foot Shear is shipped by truck freight rate and this equipment weighs approximately 1,200 lbs.
  • Review our chart about tons-of-force required to cut Mild Steels (download chart available)
  • Review machinery demonstration videos
  • Review our product line of Sheet Metal Brakes and accessories

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Mittler Brothers Also Sells a 52-Inch Sheet Metal Foot Shear, Sheet Metal Brakes and Accessories

Mittler Brothers manufactures an extensive list of categories of machine shop equipment, machinery, tools, attachments, accessories and replacement parts.  Currently, we are offering a smaller version of the 72-Inch Sheet Metal Foot Shear, a 52-Inch Sheet Metal Foot Shear—actually, the smaller Foot Shear is the design that we base our larger Foot Shear on since it has been such a reliable and popular piece of sheet metal fabrication equipment.  If you need a smaller Foot Shear for your machine shop, then review the Ultimate 52” x 16 Gauge Foot Shear product listing page to review images of the Foot Shear.

Mittler Brothers manufactures several categories of essential machine shop fabrication equipment and machinery.  We offer a selection shop equipment related to Foot Shears for general sheet metal fabrication work.  Please take a few moments to review some of our other shop equipment.  Mittler Brothers manufactures Sheet Metal Brakes (including Box & Pan Brakes), Radius Brakes, Ultimate Box & Pan Brake Accessories, Ultimate Box & Pan Brake Fingers, and for smaller jobs we also have a product line of Beverly Shears along with replacement blades.

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You can order the 72-Inch Sheet Metal Foot Shear at Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products online store.  You can review Sheet Metal Brakes and our wide list of machine shop and metal fabrication equipment throughout the website.  Many machinery product listings have short demonstration videos, and/or pictures and links to charts, schematics or manuals. Additionally, you can learn more about Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products on our YouTube channel.  We have posted machinery demonstration videos, so customers and machinists can see our products functioning.

Contact Mittler Brothers with any product questions that you may have, or contact us for ordering and/or shipping assistance.  You may call Mittler Brothers at 636-745-7757; or, call us toll-free at 800-467-2464.  If you have any questions about the 72-Inch Sheet Metal Foot Shear or other products, then please e-mail us at: sales@mittlerbros.com.