72 Inch Sheet Metal Shear

Mittler Brothers Has a New, 72 Inch Sheet Metal Shear That Is Now Available for Sale

Newly-Designed, 72 Inch Sheet Metal Shear (Foot Shear) Is Available from the Manufacturer

Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool/Tanner Racing Products is now selling a newly-design 72 Inch Sheet Metal Shear designed and engineered and with an overall design based upon our popular, Ultimate 52” x 16 Gauge Foot Shear, which has also been redesigned for more flexibility, versatility, and long-term durability.  Our new 72 Inch Sheet Metal Shear (Foot Shear) is another well-built piece of machinery available in our machine shop, sheet metal fabrication equipment and accessories product line.  This large sheet metal shear allows machine jobs, automotive repair businesses, auto body shops, restoration and customization specialists (e.g. for classic car repairs/restorations, small and classic airplane restorations, experimental aircraft building tasks, racecar restoration and panel repairs, and custom sheet metal artwork projects) to have an effective piece of equipment for working with larger sheet metals including Aluminum and mild steels.

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72 Inch Sheet Metal Shear (Foot Shear) Features and Specifications

The Mittler Brothers’ Foot Shears and accessories product line includes the new 72-Inch Sheet Metal Shear (Foot Shear).  This particular feature offers machine shops a wide range of features and options as well as flexibility in use on various grades of sheet metals.

The 72 Inch Sheet Metal Shear features and specifications include the following:

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Mittler Brothers Has a 52 Inch Foot Shear and Metal Brakes for Sale

Mittler Brothers manufactures a wide range of other machine shop, sheet metal fabrication equipment besides the 72 Inch Sheet Metal Shear.  If you are interested in purchasing our smaller, 52 Inch Sheet Metal Shear as your machine shop fabrication equipment, please review the Ultimate 52” x 16 Gauge Foot Shear product listing page.  Additionally, we have a selection of related sheet metal fabrication equipment and accessories.  Please review some of our other shop equipment including: Sheet Metal Brakes, Radius Brakes, Ultimate Box & Pan Brake Fingers, Ultimate Box & Pan Brake Accessories, Beverly Shears and replacement blades, or any of our other products.  Also, if you have questions about products or services, then e-mail us at: [email protected].

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