Airplane Sheet Metal Tools

Airplane Sheet Metal Tools for Exacting Fabrications and Repairs

Precision, Airplane Sheet Metal Tools from a U.S. Manufacturer

Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products manufactures a wide assortment of airplane sheet metal tools, or aircraft tools, designed for fabricating airplane skins, sheet metal panels, and instrumentation boards.  We also manufacture durable field aircraft scales for weight calibrations—these are ideal for small machine shops and light aircraft.  With our wide assortment of affordable airplane sheet metal fabrication equipment and accessories, and wide range of other machine shop equipment, we are certain that experimental aircraft and restoration enthusiasts, businesses, manufacturing machine shops, and automotive repair facilities (or auto body shops), and racing teams will find the equipment required for sheet metal fabrication and parts manufacturing tasks.

Many of our products are designed for automotive enthusiasts and race teams, but specific equipment and tool accessories are ideal for use in airplane parts manufacturing, aircraft skins, instrument panel gauges, and for general repairs.  Find the precision, airplane sheet metal tools that you or your company requires direct from an American manufacturer.  Located west of St. Louis, we ship throughout the United States, and worldwide.

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Airplane Sheet Metal Fabrication Tools and Equipment

Some of our specific airplane sheet metal tools for fabrication and assembly tasks include heavy-duty, mountable, machine shop fabrication equipment including:

  • 3 Ton Manual Bench Press—easily mountable manual bench press; this press has a 3-ton capacity, a 12” deep throat, a 3” maximum tooling clearance, and comes with 3” Punch & Flare for 16 gauge Mild Steels; additional accessories are available
  • Bench Mount English Wheel—choose a Standard Bench Mount English Wheel, an Unwelded Standard Bench Mount English Wheel Kit or a Standard English Wheel Kit; English Wheel anvils and other accessories are available
  • Power Drive Bead Rollers—we offer several models in each size including 24”, 36” and 42” Power Drive Bead Rollers; a wide assortment of Bead Roll Sets and individual Bead Rolls are available for specific models; learn more about the Jamey Jordan Signature Series used for custom metal art applications
  • Planishing Hammers—12” and 24” Standard Planishing Hammers have durable steel frames; an assortment of lower anvils and an upper anvil are available
  • Power Hammers—your shop has options with our Power Hammer Single Head, Single Head Power Hammer Kit, Double Headed Power Hammer Kit, Fabricated Arms, Power Hammer Pedestal, or a Upper & Lower Arm Weldment with Pedestal Drawings; Power Hammer Dies and accessories are available including several sizes of Radius Bottom dies, a Blank Die, Shrinking Set Dies, Soft Set Dies, Stretching Set Dies, or choose a Complete Die Set (all of the previously dies in this category)
  • Sheet Metal Pan & Brakes—essential airplane sheet metal tools for sheet metal fabrications; we have several brakes including the Ultimate 48” 16 Gauge Box & Pan Brake, the Ultimate 72” 18 Gauge Box & Pan Brake with Floor Stand,  the Ultimate 48” 16 Gauge Box & Pan Brake with Radius Fingers; our wide selection of accessories includes Upper Finger Lock Plates, Upper Finger Assemblies, Bed Finger Assemblies, Leaf Lock Plates, Leaf Finger (and Angle) Assemblies, Bolt-on Radius Bars, and Radius Finger Assemblies

Airplane Tooling Accessories for Sheet Metal Fabrication Equipment

Aircraft tools, accessory or optional parts, and handheld fabrication tools are available direct from Mittler Brothers.  A selection of our airplane tooling accessories includes:

  • Aircraft Punch & Flares—15” x 15” Cast Aluminum Pads offer a 1500 lbs per pad capacity, custom length cables, software, and a long battery life, which is ideal for experimental aircraft enthusiasts, machine shops or repair businesses requiring calibration equipment
  • Aircraft Scales—standard Aircraft Punch & Flare Sets (we also have a wide range of general and automotive punches and flares) designed to accommodate materials thickness specifications:  Aluminum at .020” to .040” and Mild Steels at .020” to .040”; or select Instrument Gauge Hole Punch Sets (Aircraft Style) designed to accommodate materials thickness including specifications for Aluminum at 18 gauge (.040”) to 14 gauge (.062”), Mild Steels at 19 gauge (.040”) to 16 gauge (.062”), and for Stainless Steels at 19 gauge (.040”)
  • Louver Punches—standard Bench Press Louver Punch Start Up Kits are available or purchase individual Louver Punch Dies for 16 gauge (.040”) Mild Steels
  • Standard Aircraft Bead Rolls—our standard aircraft bead rolls are Round Bead Roll Sets for use with 1-1/8” deep throats on our assortment of 24”, 36” and 42” Power Drive Bead Rollers; additional bead rolls are available in our automotive section

Stands for Airplane Sheet Metal Tools and Fabrication Equipment

Mittler Bros. manufactures equipment stands and stationary tool stands for specific sheet metal fabrication equipment.  We also fabricated stands for general shop machinery usage, such as our Universal Tools Stand.  Find the Mittler Brothers tool stand(s)  for your airplane sheet metal tools and fabrication equipment—your machinists will surely appreciate having sturdy equipment stands.

Custom Industrial Automation Equipment

If your company manufactures aircraft or aviation-related products, Mittler Bros. can offer your company custom tooling solutions for parts fabrication and assembly lines.  Contact Mittler Bros. with questions and information about custom, industrial automation equipment—we are here to help companies solve specific business operations requirements for manufacturing, assembly and repair services.  Let us know about your company’s manufacturing requirements and equipment specifications.

Mittler Brothers works directly with businesses to design, engineer and fabricate custom equipment and tooling solutions.  We offer clients general consultation services including industrial automation equipment design, engineering, prototyping, final equipment fabrications, and/or other tasks to develop custom tooling solutions to solve a customer’s specific equipment requirements.

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