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Lightweight, CNC-Machined Automotive Spool Replacement Parts

Precision Automotive Spool Repair and Replacement Parts

Choose precision, automotive spool replacement parts for your business, auto body shop, repair shop, racing team or machinist shop.  Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products fabricates lightweight, precision CNC-machined spools in a variety of sizes for automotive repairs, racing/race cars or general car parts replacement, repairs or maintenance.  Many of our products, including parts in our automotive spool category, are designed, engineered and fabricated for high-end automotive uses and racing in mind.  We manufacture products for NASCAR stock cars and for lightweight racecars including Bandolero, Formula 1, quarter midget or even go-karts.

Additionally, our high quality spools are ideal for general automotive repairs and parts replacement.

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Lightweight CNC-Machined Automotive Spools

Our precision automotive spool parts are CNC-machined from forgings of 4130 heat-treated steel or 7075-T6 aluminum.  These spools have a lifetime warranty against breakage.  Our lightweight spool (6.1 lbs.) designs are as strong as standard weight automotive spool parts (7.82 lbs.).  Our spools are available in various sizes including 23, 28, 31, 33, 35 and 40 Spline styles.

Choose lightweight, high-strength automotive spool styles and accessories for your parts replacement and repairs.  Our current line of spools includes:

  • 9” Ford Spools—parts include Ultra Lite Steel Spool 4130 Heat Treated 28 Spline (6.22 lbs.) or a 31 Spline (5.94 lbs.); Standard Steel Spool 4130 Heat Treated 28 Spline, 31 Spline or a 33 Spline; “Scalloped” Steel Spool 4130 Heat Treated 40 Spline; and Standard Steel Spools including 35 Spline Small Bearing, 35 Spline Big Bearing or 35 Spline (Strange) models
  • 9” Ford Mini Spools—parts include 28 Spline Mini Spool (2.98 lbs.), a 31 Spline Mini Spool (2.74 lbs.) and a Moly Cross Pin
  • Chrysler Spools—parts include an 8.75 Chrysler 4130 Heat Treated 30 Spline (9.24 lbs) or 35 Spline (8.40 lbs.)
  • Dana 44 Spools—available parts include Dana 44 4130 Heat Treated 30 Spline High Series (9.44 lbs.) or 30 Spline Low Series (9.44 lbs.)
  • Toyota Spools—Toyota 8” 4130 Heat Treated 30 Spline (6.46 lbs) or a Toyota V6 4130 Heat Treated 30 Spline (6.92 lbs.); Dwarf & Legend Steel 10 Bolt 23 Spline (3.56 lbs.), Steel 8 Bolt 23 Spline (2.92 lbs.), Aluminum 10 Bolt 23 Spline (1.74 lbs.), or an Aluminum 8 Bolt 23 Spline (1.24 lbs.); and, Mini Dwarf & Legend Steel 8 Bolt 23 Spline (1.18 lbs) parts models

Additional Parts and Fabrication Services

Our additional parts include Heavy Duty Pinion Supports for all 9” Ford cases.  These parts are precision CNC-machined from billet, and our popular models include Daytona Bearing, Big Bearing and 10 Bolt Heavy Duty styles.  We do offer exclusive parts through several automotive parts dealers (locate your closest automotive spool dealer), or you can order direct from Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products.

We can assist your company with custom-designed parts and equipment.  Businesses are welcome to work directly with our design and engineering team to fabricate equipment that will meet your specific industrial automation equipment and tooling specifications.

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