Automotive Spools

Lightweight Automotive Spools for Repairs and Parts Replacement

New Improved Automotive Spools

Newly redesigned racing and standard automotive spools (6.1 lbs.) that are as durable as standard weight spools (7.82 Lbs) are available direct from Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products.  Our precision automotive spools are ideal replacement parts for general automotive repairs and for racecars of various classes.  Whether you have a racing team in one of the major racing circuits including NASCAR stock cars, Formula 1 models, Quarter Midgets or even Go-Karts, undoubtedly you require reliable, durable spools and other automotive parts.

Your team, shop mechanics or machinists can rely on Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products for high quality, precision CNC-machined parts and manufacturing.  Our spool forgings offer a lightweight alternative to standard parts, an alternative that is equal in strength to a standard weight spool.

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Automotive Spools:  Parts Categories

Our redesigned line of automotive spools are guaranteed for life, and are ideal, lightweight parts solutions for race teams, automotive repairs shops, or for maintenance and replacement.  Currently, our high-strength, lightweight automotive spool models include options for Ford, Chrysler, Dana and Toyota automobiles.

Our current line of spools includes:

  • Chrysler Spools—options include an 8.75 Chrysler 4130 Heat Treated 30 Spline (9.24 lbs) model or a 35 Spline (8.40 lbs.) model
  • Dana 44 Spools—available parts options include Dana 44 4130 Heat Treated 30 Spline High Series (9.44 lbs.) or 30 Spline Low Series (9.44 lbs.) models
  • 9” Ford Spools—parts options include Ultra Lite Steel Spool 4130 Heat Treated 28 Spline (6.22 lbs.) or a 31 Spline (5.94 lbs.); Standard Steel Spool 4130 Heat Treated 28 Spline, 31 Spline or a 33 Spline models/styles; a “Scalloped” Steel Spool 4130 Heat Treated 40 Spline model; and Standard Steel Spools models including a 35 Spline Small Bearing, a 35 Spline Big Bearing or a 35 Spline (Strange) model style
  • 9” Ford Mini Spools—this line of spools includes a 28 Spline Mini Spool (2.98 lbs.) and a 31 Spline Mini Spool (2.74 lbs.); a Moly Cross Pin is available
  • Toyota Spools—parts options include a Toyota 8” 4130 Heat Treated 30 Spline (6.46 lbs) or a Toyota V6 4130 Heat Treated 30 Spline (6.92 lbs.) model; Dwarf & Legend Steel 10 Bolt 23 Spline (3.56 lbs.) or a Steel 8 Bolt 23 Spline (2.92 lbs.) model, and other spools in this category include an Aluminum 10 Bolt 23 Spline (1.74 lbs.) or an Aluminum 8 Bolt 23 Spline (1.24 lbs.); additionally, we fabricate a Mini Dwarf & Legend Steel 8 Bolt 23 Spline (1.18 lbs) model

Some of the specific fabrication benefits of Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products’ automotive spools include:

  • —Precision design, engineering and fabrication
  • —Lightweight designs that are equivalent to heavier standard spool weights
  • —Fabrication utilizing CNC-machined forgings
  • —Steel spools conforming to 4130 heat-treated standards
  • —Aluminum spools conforming to 7075-T6 standards
  • —A wide selection to fit many vehicles
  • —A selection including standardized 23, 28, 31, 33, 35 and 40 Spline sizes
  • —A lifetime guarantee that covers the spool(s) against breakage/failure

Some of the additional options for our automotive spools include:

  • —Heavy-duty pinion support for all 9” Ford cases
  • —Precision CNC-machined from billet
  • —Additional parts configurations including Daytona Bearing, Big Bearing and 10 Bolt Heavy Duty

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