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Aviation Fabrication Equipment, Machinery, Tools and Parts for Customization and Airplane Restorations

American Manufacturer of Aviation Fabrication Equipment and Accessories

If you are looking for aviation fabrication equipment, tools and parts, then review the equipment available from Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products, a leader in high-performance automotive parts for racing and restoration projects.  We are an American manufacturer located west of St. Louis and for about three decades we have manufactured and sold a wide assortment of machine shop sheet metal fabrication tools (ideal for aircraft skins, panels and fuselages), parts, gauges, electrical components, dashboard tools and miscellaneous parts.  Many automotive and machine shop tools and parts are ideal for aircraft restoration projects, general aviation maintenance tasks, or for customization of experimental and small aircraft.

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Aviation Fabrication Equipment, Parts and Accessories

From basic aircraft tools, parts, equipment and accessories, to machine shop aviation fabrication equipment, to miscellaneous parts for dashboards, instrument panels and electrical components, Mittler Bros. has you covered.  We also have a shop for precision machining and tooling solutions for businesses that need machine shop equipment, automation solutions or specific fabrications.  Individual aviation enthusiasts also have access to our wide range of parts manufactured in the United States—we have been, and currently are a proud domestic machinery and parts manufacturer.

Choose from our selection of aviation fabrication equipment, tools, machinery, accessories and replacement parts including weight calibration equipment:

  • Airplane Sheet Metal Tools – we manufacture an assortment of products for machine shops that are ideal for various fabrication tasks for airplane parts and skins
    • ——Review our listings for Manual Bench Presses, Bench Mount English Wheels, Planishing Hammers, Power Hammers, Sheet Metal Box & Pan Brakes and related accessories and parts
    • ——We also manufacture a wide range of Bead Rollers (manual and Power Drive Bead Rollers) with a wide range of accessories and Bead Roll Sets—in fact, learn about our partnership in the Jamey Jordan Signature Series of Bead Rollers and Bead Rolls used for customization projects and sheet metal art fabrication projects
  • Aircraft Punches and Flares
    • ——AC-35 punch is required for standard hole sizes followed with a 35˚ straight angle
    • ——We manufacture 1" Aircraft Punch & Flare Tools through 6" Aircraft Punch & Flare Tool model size
    • ——Our aircraft punch and flare sets include 6 piece, 7 piece, 9 piece or 13 piece AC Punch & Flare Kits standard
    • ——Sets accommodate the following materials thicknesses: Aluminum at 18 gauge (.040”) to 14 gauge (.062”), Mild Steel at 19 gauge (.040”) to 16 gauge (.062”), or Stainless Steel at 19 gauge (.040”)
    • ——Standard parts accommodate the following sizes: 2-¼” Gauge Hole Punch (automotive and/or aircraft) and 3-1/8” Instrument Gauge Hole Punch (aircraft style)
    • ——We have an assortment of styles of punches and flares besides strictly aircraft models
  • Instrument Gauge Hole Punch Sets (Aircraft Style)
  • —Additional aircraft tools for aviation parts fabrication and replacement include Gauge and Switch Panels, Deluxe Switch Panels w/Aircraft Flip Covers and general Instrumentation Switches and Electrical Components
  • Airplane Scales (15” 3-Pad Stet) – lightweight, easily portable scales for light airplanes are quite accuracy; the set includes deluxe 15 x 15” Cast Aluminum Pads with 1500 lbs. per pad capacity; additionally, the scales come with software to calculate center of gravity; additional accessories and functionality is available with these pads (please review product listing for additional information)
  • Airplane Scales Accessories – items include a Portable Aluminum Scale Cart, Roll Back Trays, a Scale Control Box, 10” Risers (Set of 4 Risers), and various replacement parts and cables

We offer airplane restoration enthusiasts the machine shop equipment, sheet metal fabrication tools, and other products required for involved (and DIY) restoration projects.  You’ll find that we have a similar passion for racing and automotive restoration here at Mittler Bros. and Tanner Racing Products.

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