Bead Rolling

Bead Rolling Equipment and Accessories from Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products

Bead Rolling Equipment and Bead Rolls

For automotive work and specialty tooling, work with bead rolling equipment, bead rollers and bead roll sets is quite common. Whether you represent a racing team, own a small business, machinist’s shop, automotive repair shop, auto body shop or industrial or manufacturing business with a machine shop, then you need quality, dependable, “made in the USA” bead rolling equipment available. Mittler Bros. manufactures in Missouri and ships product nationwide.

Our products are known on the racing circuits, with small machine shop operators, and businesses nationwide. With over 30 years or experience in design and engineering of fabrication equipment and industrial automation equipment, we produce extremely durable, flexible-use tools and equipment.

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Bead Rolling Equipment and Rotary Machines

Our popular bead rolling equipment models, rotary machines and accessories includes:

Power Drive Bead Rollers – 1-1/8” throat height; adjustable depth beads; models have variable speed foot pedals; hardened gear drives with reversible capability; models include:

  • 24" Power Drive Bead Roller with Aluminum Billet Frame
  • 36" Power Drive Bead Roller with Jig Welded Steel frame
  • 42" Power Drive Bead Roller

Industrial Variable Speed Bead Rollers – power drive equipped models with Industrial Variable Speed Motor for working 18 gauge and 16 gauge mild steel panels

  • 24" Power Drive Bead Roller with Aluminum Billet Frame
  • 36" Power Drive Bead Roller
  • Industrial Variable Speed Motor Upgrade Kit for Bead Rollers

4” High Throat Power Drive Bead Roller – opening for large lip and high crown panels; rigid steel frame construction; adjustable depth of bead; foot controls for hands free operations; forward and reverse/right to left switching; and heat treated gears

  • 24" - 4" and 36" - 4" High Throat Bead Roller w/ Industrial Variable Speed Motor
  • Models available without the industrial motor

24" Manual Bead Roller with Hand Crank – popular model made with an aluminum billet frame

Rotary Machines

  • 14" Throat Industrial Variable Speed Rotary Machine with .075" (14ga) Mild Steel Capacity
  • 10" Throat Industrial Variable Speed Rotary Machine with 060" (16ga.) Mild Steel Capacity

Our standard bead rolling sets for bead rollers and rotary machines include:

  • Round Bead Roll Sets - steel bead rolls and sets (multiple sizes)
  • Flat Bead Roll Sets - flat steel bead rolls (multiple sizes)
  • Step Bead Roll Sets - 1/16", .090", 1/8", 3/16", 1/4" and 45° step bead rolls and sets
  • Edge Bead Roll Sets - 1/8" to 1" sets
  • Specialty Bead Roll Sets - Art Pattern Roll, Body Line Roll Set, Fender Flare Set, Full Radius Tank Set, Louver Set, Heavy Duty Tube, 30 Degree Roll Set, 1/2" 90° Bend Set, 3/4" 90° Bend Set, Pinstripe Taper Set, Standard Tube, Shear Set, Tank Set, Spoiler Set, and Tipping Roll Set
  • Hem Bead Roll Sets - Hem Set Combo, Complete Hem Roll Set, Steel Hem Step Set, Hem Steel Bead Roll
  • Tube Bead Rolls - heavy duty and standard sets
  • Rotary Machine Bead Rolls (1/8” Keyway) – flange roll sets, edge roll sets, flat roll sets, round roll sets, step rolls sets, and specialty roll sets
  • High Throat Standard Bead Rolls – most sizes above available for these models
  • High Throat High Crown Standard Bead Roll Sets - steel round; steel flat roll; steel step bead roll; steel edge bead roll sets; and specialty high throat bead sets

Miscellaneous bead rolling equipment accessories include:

  • Bead Roll Holder (up to 10 rolls)
  • Bead Roller Depth Stop (fits all Bead Rollers and Rotary Machines)
  • Bead Roller Stand with Locking Casters
  • Bead Roller Stationary Stand with "H" Base
  • 500 Watt (5 Amps) Voltage Convertor

Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products also sells standard and custom, high-end automotive parts, sheet metal fabrication equipment and provides design and engineering services for industrial automation equipment. Contact us with your project specifics or place your standard parts order online.

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