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Mittler Bros. produces a range of durable, dependable, and extremely useful bending brake equipment, systems and accessories. With over 30 years of innovative, custom automotive and fabrication equipment manufacturing and sales, Mittler Bros. is one of the leading Midwest and US custom automotive equipment, parts and fabrication companies.

Along with Tanner Racing Products, Mittler Bros. is a well-known leader in automotive customization services and equipment for racing teams, automotive restorations, repair shops, auto body shops, aviation equipment and airplane manufacturers, and for design and engineering of custom industrial automation solutions. We also provide flexible-use bending brakes and other equipment designed for customization or replacement parts fabrication.

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Options for Bending Brake Equipment, Cutting, Metal Forming Tools and Miscellaneous Accessories

Sheet metalworking tools available from Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products also include standard bending brake equipment, shears, box and pan brakes, manual and hydraulic press brakes, cutting tools, metal forming hand tools (mallets, T-dollies, slappers, snips, shears, Clecos, etc.), and Louver presses and kits. Of course, we carry standard and metric dies, punches, flares, radii bars, safety equipment, tool stands, and other essential accessories for custom fabrications.

Some of our main bending brake systems include:

Sheet Metalworking, Bending Brake Equipment and Industrial Automation

Mittler Bros. fabricates equipment, bending brake systems, bending and cutting systems and miscellaneous tools and accessories. If your company needs finished sheet metal products, custom fabrications or even highly specialized and/or unique industrial automation equipment, then Mittler Bros. is the fabrication services company that you need to talk to; contact us with your equipment specifications.

Additionally, we do have in-house design services to assist our business-to-business clients with design solutions for industrial automation equipment.

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