Bending Brakes

Bending Brakes from Mittler Bros.

What Is a Bending Brake?

Bending brakes or sheet metal brakes are metalworking machines that are used generally for mild gauge steel sheet metal, aluminum sheets or even alloys. A bending brake, or the more complex box and pan brakes, are set up for predetermined bends for standard parts or custom fabrications. Once the sheet metal is clamped (clamping bar or radii bars) to the flat surface of a bending brake or stand, the sheet metal is forced by a gate or plate into the appropriate bends. Bending of the sheet metal is done manually, by hydraulics or by a foot peddle, in most cases; and bends of up to 120˚ are common on most brakes.

Mittler Bros. manufactures and sells complex box and pan brake systems. These systems are ideal fabrication tools for complex bends, and finished shapes, e.g. car panels, fenders, and airplane skins that require many bends or unusual shapes.

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Bending Brakes and Accessories Available from Mittler Bros.

Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products stocks durable, dependable bending brakes made from 3/8” steel plating that can tackle daily fabrication usage for years on end—and our products are proudly Made in the USA! Whether you are with a race team or you own a repair/auto body shop, or you are a parts manufacturer for cars, trucks, industrial vehicles, marine equipment or even for airplanes, then Mittler Bros. has the sheet metal brakes, bending equipment, cutting equipment, and accessories that you need for production and assembly requirements.

Our major product line of bending brakes includes:

  • Sheet Metal Brakes – Ultimate Box and Pan Brake System, 22 Gauge Brakes, Radius Brakes, 52” Foot Shear and accessories including floor stands, apron stops, back gauge kit, radius bars, box and pan brake fingers (upper, bed, leaf angles, 12” thick reverse apron leaf fingers, ¼” thick reverse apron leaf fingers, lock plates, 1/16” radius upper fingers, 1/8” radius upper fingers, ¼” radius upper fingers, 5/16” radius upper fingers, lock plates and kits)
  • Shrinker/stretchers, sets, combos, jaws, complete kits, single and double powered units
  • Power hammers, Planishing hammers and accessories
  • Louver press kits and accessories
  • And many cutting tools, tube notchers, tube bending equipment and accessories
  • And metalworking or metal forming hand tools

Contact Mittler Bros. about your requirements for bending brakes, equipment, and accessories for custom machine shop work. We also do custom sheet metalworking, press brake tooling, fabrication services, and manufacture custom industrial automation systems, equipment and parts.

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