Box & Pan Brake

Box & Pan Brake – The Ultimate in Sheet Metal Fabrication Equipment

“The Most Versatile Box and Pan Brake Available!...unique "3 Finger" design box & pan brake that incorporates moveable fingers on the bed and apron, as well as the usual upper fingers. This new design allows the operator to make bend combinations that were extremely difficult, if not impossible, in the past.” – Van Sant Enterprises, Tool Retailers

Versatile Brakes for Sheet Metal Fabrications

Well, I guess that just about covers our unique design on the Ultimate Box & Pan Brake. Mittler Bros. fabricates, assembles and sells (business-to-business or B2B, and direct to customers) American Made—actually, Missouri Made—sheet metal fabrication equipment, systems, accessory parts and many other items designed for racing and automotive parts production, repairs and restorations. But, that does not limit the uses of our box & pan brake systems. In fact, many industrial companies, manufacturers, machine shops, repair shops, automotive dealers, auto repair shops, boat manufacturers and even aircraft manufacturers (review aircraft tools) use our equipment and parts daily. Our rugged designs and 3/8” steel plating on brakes and equipment ensure a piece of equipment that will last for a long time.

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Mittler Bros. Box & Pan Brake Systems

At Mittler Bros., we fabricate and sell several sheet metal brake systems…all of which have their own unique advantages and flexible-use options. Our box & pan brake system and accessories include:

Ultimate Box & Pan Brake System – also called pan brakes, box and pan brakes, or siding brakes

  • Unique three finger design that allows sheet metal fabrications and bending that was extremely difficult for small repair shops or small machinists shops
  • 48" 16 Gauge Ultimate Box and Pan Brake Set
  • 72" 18 Gauge Ultimate Box and Pan Brake with Floor Stand
  • Accessories specific for this model include: Wrenchless Upper Set Back Adjustment features, several Upper Fingers, Bed Fingers and Apron Fingers
  • Priced affordably to fit almost any race team’s, small repair shop’s, auto body shop’s or small business’s budget.

Miscellaneous accessories for Box & Pan Brake systems and/or Radius Brakes include:

  • Apron Stop (adjustable height)
  • Back Gauge Kits
  • Finger Kits (wide variety available)
  • Radius bars – 48” and 72” size models
  • Heavy duty floor stand for 48” pan/sheet metal brakes
  • Wide range of manual metalworking or metal forming tools are available from Mittler Bros. including bossing mallets, mallets, T-dollies, various shaped slappers, hammers, pliers, snips, and several other specialized, handheld metalworking tools

Mittler Bros. manufacturers and stocks some of the best box & pan brake systems and accessories along with many other metal fabrication tools. Contact Mittler Bros. for standard, customized, or specifically engineered products for your business.

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