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Small Car D-3 Chassis Dyno 60” from Tanner Racing Products

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Choose an American-made Chassis Dyno (we manufacture just west of St. Louis), automotive testing equipment, alignment equipment, adjustment tools and other useful products designed, engineered and manufactured by Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products.  We have a wide range of Quarter Midget and Go-Kart parts, general automotive and machine shop sheet metal fabrication equipment and tools, testing products, alignment and balancing equipment, and other automotive parts designed by racing enthusiasts.

We are known throughout the racing circuits, particularly NASCAR, for our innovative and reliable equipment designs, tools and automotive parts designed specifically for racecars. Many of these products are specialty automotive testing equipment.  We produce a wide range of high-end automotive equipment, tools and parts for racing teams, but these parts and equipment are ideal for automotive repair businesses, machine shops, and for automotive restoration projects.

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Small Car Chassis Dyno Product Features

Tanner Racing Products designs, engineers and manufactures testing equipment applicable to most racing circuits and automotive applications.  Our small car Chassis Dyno 60” is ideal testing equipment for lightweight vehicles and racecars (under 1,000 lbs.) including Quarter Midgets, Go-Karts, Mini Cup vehicles and Bandolero cars.

Tanner Racing Products’ portable, Small Car D-3 Chassis Dyno 60” is ideal for a wide range of testing applications at racetracks or for testing at the shop.  Give your racing team and pit crew equipment that is effective in the field, allowing your lightweight vehicle to get out on the racetrack where it is supposed to be.

A few of the benefits and product features of our Small Car D-3 Chassis Dyno 60” include:

  • --Durable, lightweight all-aluminum frame with 5” Aluminum Rollers
  • --Chassis Dyno engineered to test up to 20 hp. (specifically for Bandolero, Go-Karts, Mini Cup vehicles and Quarter Midgets)
  • --Portable design allows quick racetrack set up and testing, you can perform dyno tests in minutes
  • --Troubleshoot vehicle issues without losing limited practice time at the racetrack
  • --Large Diameter Pressure/Torque Gauge
  • --Fine Resolution Load Valve
  • --Quick reference HP/torque charts
  • --High-traction, aluminum Knurled Rollers
  • --Remote throttle control

We also manufacture and sell equipment and parts direct to individual customers.  You suggest that you review product descriptions for other equipment and parts including Chassis Alignment Bars (Front Alignment Bar or Rear Alignment Bar), our Accu-Lign System, our Pull Down Rig System, set up equipment, racing adjustment tools, leveling equipment, and scales.  You can learn more about our new 1” Tall RaceScales at our blog, or review automotive scales product descriptions).

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If you are looking for a supplier of high-end, racing and automotive parts, testing equipment, lightweight vehicle racing equipment including parts for Quarter Midgets, Bandoleros, Mini Cups or Go-Karts, then review the product descriptions for specific equipment or parts available at the Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products’ online store or download the latest catalog.  You can also request a Tanner/Mittler Bros. catalog by mail.

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