Custom Fabricated Billet Crankshafts

Custom Fabricated Billet Crankshafts

Custom Fabricated Billet Crankshafts and High-Performance Automotive Fabrications and Parts

Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products manufactures precision-machined, custom fabricated billet crankshafts for high-performance automotive and heavy truck applications and even for racecars.  We fabricate many automotive parts for the automotive industry supply chain and we manufacture high-performance a wide range of automotive parts for NASCAR stock cars, Formula SAE and lighter vehicle classes under 1,000 lbs. including for Quarter Midgets, MiniCup racecars, Bandolero, other circuits and even for Go-Karts.  We also serve customers who are automotive restoration enthusiasts engaged in restoring classic models or even historic automobiles.

Whether you require custom fabrications to replace obsolete OEM or standardized parts, your racing team, pit crew or mechanics need custom-fabricated parts for high-performance applications, or your machine shop repairs and restores older model vehicles or custom models, we can assist your business.  We do supply parts to avid “do-it-yourselfers” (DIY automotive projects) with all kinds of automotive parts.

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Best-Fit Design Utilizing Precision CNC-Machining

Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products offers business customers and individual clients with best-fit design for crankshafts.  We utilize an array of precision CNC-machining for custom automotive parts and for custom fabricated billet crankshafts.  If you have a couple of minutes, feel free to view a short demonstration video showing precision machining for a custom fabricated billet crankshaft video on YouTube.

Our industrial automation job shop fabricates billet crankshafts for automobiles and heavy trucks.  We do supply parts throughout the automotive industry nationally, and we ship products worldwide.  Our machining and tooling capabilities are extensive.  We have a wide range of precision machining and tooling equipment for CNC-Machining, CNC-Turning, CNC-Milling (4-Axis), for grinding, general fabrication, welding and assembly.  Additionally, you can review our current Facilties List (including CNC and precision machinery) for more information about our lathes, mills, grinding, welding, and inspection equipment. We also utilize several of the industry-standard 2D and 3D design software (AutoCAD, SolidWorks 3D, etc.) for complicated parts designs and fabrications.

In order to give you a price quote, we do need to know some of the specifics about your requirements.  We recommend that you contact us direct for information about or capabilities, general fabrication procedures, or estimates.

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Custom-Made Billet Crankshafts

Generally, you can expect that we will manufacture your custom fabricated billet crankshaft(s) in the U.S.A.—actually, just west of the St. Louis metropolitan area in Missouri.  We are an American manufacturer.  We do ship products internationally.  Obviously, crankshafts can be difficult to manufacture, that is why we utilize industry “best-fit” design standards and principles.  A few applicable manufacturing features for our billet crankshafts include:

  • ——Custom fabrications to meet specific applications for automobiles, trucks and racecars
  • ——Crankshafts are fabricated using highest quality E4340 Aircraft Billet Steel
  • ——CNC-Machined for a precision and accurate fit
  • ——Finite Element Analysis Design service/manufacturing
  • ——High-quality Timken 4340 material is precision-machined on our 5 Axis Mazak Integrex CNC offering a custom-built crankshaft to meet exacting specifications
  • ——Micro-polished billet crankshafts
  • ——Gun-drilled Main is an optional feature for our crankshaft fabrications
  • ——Aero-designed Leading and Trailing Edges for your crankshaft
  • ——Ion-Plasma Nitride offers superior Journal Surface Hardness and general wear resistance for the part
  • ——Aerodynamic-Profiled Counterweights for billet crankshaft fabrications
  • ——Lightening holes for all four rods reduces rotational weight while reducing or eliminating the requirement for heavy metal usage for proper balance

Let us know how we can help with your new, OEM, obsolete OEM replacement, racing or other automotive and truck applications that require high-performance, precision-machined, custom fabricated billet crankshafts.  Our commitment is to provide customers with custom fabricated billet crankshafts and other products that fit exactly as designed.

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