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Choose a Handy, Digital Angle Gauge for Work with Tube Benders

“Someone brought this nice little Digital Angle Gauge with Level to our attention and we really love it so we have decided to carry it in our product catalog. We just want to make sure that everyone knows about this great piece of technology because it really helps out around the shop.”—Mittler Brothers Newsletter, September 2013

New Handy, Digital Angle Gauge Is Ideal for Shop Work with Tube Benders

Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products manufacture a wide range of machine shop and sheet metal fabrication equipment and accessories, as well as high-performance automotive parts designed primarily for the major racing circuits including NASCAR, Formula SAE (Formula 1), Bandoleros, Quarter Midgets, MiniCup racecars, Go-Karts and other racing vehicles in the 1,000 lbs. and under weight classes.  We’ve found a truly useful, handy and high quality, very accurate, Digital Angle Gauge with Level that is ideal for use with Tube Benders.  If you can use a very accurate calibration tool for your machine shop, auto body shop racing team, then we urge you to review the specifications and features of this handy, Digital Angle Gauge.

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Digital Angle Gauge with Level Product Features and Specifications

This new Digital Angle Gauge with Level is easy to use and helps you calibrate your tube bending equipment for accurate metal tubing fabrication work.  This new product offers an impressive list of functions and features.

The Digital Angle Gauge offers users the following features and functionality:

  • —An easy to use tilting readout display
  • —Easy usability at a shop or at the racetrack or other locations
  • —Built-in leveling functionality
  • —A built-in level utilizes patent-pending Dead Level technology; Dead Level refers to a permanently calibrated setting with an absolute level relative to the center of the earth
  • —The easily pressed “ZERO” button calibrates the gauge relative to any referencing surface/substrate
  • —A very convenient "HOLD" feature
  • —You can attach the gauge securely to saw blades, Tube Benders and various other metallic surfaces using the magnets on the gauge
  • —Use this gauge to precisely set angles on a variety of your machine shop equipment including Drill Presses, Jointer Fences, saw blades, Sheet Metal Brakes, Tube Benders, Tube Notchers, tables and other equipment
  • —Multi-use functionality for a wide range of applications and a variety of equipment
  • —Long life, up to two years using only standard AAA batteries

This Digital Angle Gauge with Level has the following product specifications:

  • Range: +/- 180 degrees
  • Resolution: 0.1 degrees
  • Repeatability: +/- 0.1 degrees
  • Size: 2.2” x 2.3” x 1.3”
  • Power: Two AAA batteries (not included)
  • Functions:  “On”/”Off,” “Zero,” “Hold,” and “Auto Shut-Off” options

Use This Digital Angle Gauge with Tube Benders for Precision Fabrications

This new Digital Angle Gauge with Level is a very handy, ideal tool to use with your Mittler Bros. Tube Benders including our 180° Hydraulic Tube Bender, our 90° Hydraulic Tube Bender or our 180° Manual Tube Bender.  Of course, we also manufacture a wide range of accessory parts for our Tube Bender product line.  Our various accessory parts include:

  • Tube Bender Accessories – an Accessory Storage Tray For 180° Tube Bender, Adjustable Saddles For 90° and 180° Benders, an Air Bend Stop Kit For 2500 180° Bender, Bend Protractors, our new Digital Angle Gauge with Level, a Digital Readout for 90° Hydraulic Tube Bender, Hydraulic Pumps, a Magnetic Mount for Smart Tool, a Notch and Bend Aligner Mount Only, a Notch and Bend Aligner with Smart Tool or our Smart Tool Angle Sensor
  • Hydraulic 180° Tube Bender Shoes – Round Tube Shoe Sets, Square Tube Shoe Sets or our Pipe Shoe Sets
  • Hydraulic 90° Tube Bender Shoes – Round Tube Shoe Sets, Square Tube Shoe Sets or our Pipe Shoe Sets
  • Manual 180° Tube Bender Shoes – Round Tube Shoe Sets, Square Tube Shoe Sets, Round Eccentric Lock Roll, Square Eccentric Lock Roll or a Degree Wheel Retrofit Kit

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