English Wheel

English Wheel Equipment, Anvils and Accessories

Durable Steel-Plated English Wheels

Generally, an English Wheel is a metalworking/metal forming apparatus or equipment set used by machinists, repair shops, racing teams, or industrial/manufacturing companies for parts production and finishing. Mittler Bros. “Blue” English Wheels are made of durable steel-plate construction that is designed to withstand the usages of repair shops or industrial and manufacturing production requirements.

Usually, English Wheels operate manually. Machinists and repair shop personnel use Mittler Bros.’ wheels and anvils for sheet metal working or forming. Typically, English Wheels are used for flat sheet metal (aluminum and mild steel grades) forming, particularly of difficult bends, compound curves, and difficult to produce shapes for automotive panels and even in airplane manufacturing.

English Wheel Equipment and Parts Are Available from Mittler Bros.—Contact Us for English Wheels

English Wheel Equipment for Repair, Restorations, Prototyping and Manufacturing

Mittler Bros.’ English Wheel and anvils are ideal for automotive restoration, race car construction and repairs, crafting hot-rods, stock cars, Formula 1s, quarter midgets, go-karts and for other uses where the manipulation of sheet metal is part of the production process. Whether you have a repair shop, are part of a race team, work in car restoration, automotive prototyping, repair or manufacture heavy industrial trucks and vehicles, or work in marine or aviation application manufacturing, then Mittler Bros.’ English Wheels are ideal for your business.

Mittler Bros. English Wheel Products

All Mittler Bros. English Wheels/English Wheel Anvils are durable, steel-plate constructed equipment, heat treated, and hard-turned for concentricity for the best overall finish.

The product line of Mittler Bros. English Wheels are fabricated, assembled and “Made in the USA.” Equipment and accessories include the following:

  • Standard Bench-Mount Welded English Wheel
  • Unwelded Standard Bench-Mount English Wheel Kit
  • Air Adjustable Bench-Mount Welded English Wheel
  • Floor Model Welded English Wheel
  • English Wheel Anvils – Complete Anvil Rolls
    • English Wheel Flat Anvil
    • 12" Radius English Wheel
    • 8-1/2" Radius English Wheel
    • 5" Radius English Wheel
    • 3-1/4" Radius Anvil Roll
    • 2-3/8" Radius English Wheel
  • English Wheel Metal Shaper Station
  • English Wheel Floor Stand with Locking Casters (optional stand)

Custom Industrial Fabrications, Equipment and Nationwide Sales

Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products also produce custom industrial automation equipment and fabrications (contact us with your specifications). Contact Mittler Bros. for durable English Wheel equipment or anvils that can withstand daily automotive repairs or manufacturing requirements.

While located in Missouri just west of the St. Louis metropolitan area, we sell and ship standard and custom, automotive-related parts and repair equipment nationwide.

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