English Wheel Kits

English Wheel Kits, Anvils and Accessories

Compound Bends, Curves and Sheet Metal Fabrications

Are you faced with difficult task of putting complex bends and curves in sheet metal for parts fabrication?

If you answered yes, then your solution is one of the English Wheel kits available from Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products. Some of the most frequent needs for machine shops, racing teams and auto body shops is finding the right, dependable equipment for the job. Side panels, fenders, hoods, other car exteriors, trucks, 4x4s, off-road racing vehicles, commercial vehicles, construction equipment and vehicles, and heavy industrial vehicles, and even aircraft and boats can all face the same problems, namely rusting, damage, dents, dings, punctures or other issues during operations. With English Wheel kits, you can create specialized fabrications to replace curved or bended panels or vehicle exteriors.

English Wheel Kits, Anvils and Accessories Are Available Direct from the Manufacturer—Contact Mittler Bros.

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English Wheel Kits, Equipment and Accessories

Design with complex, curved or bended sheet metal fabrications in mind, Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products designed, engineered and manufactured equipment solutions right here in the US. Our American-made products, English Wheels and accessories are shipped throughout the US, and globally including Europe and South America.

Our English Wheel kits and accessories include:

Accessories for English Wheel kits and English Wheels include:

  • English Wheel Anvils—complete anvil rolls including English Wheel Flat Anvil, 12", 8-½”, 5", 3-¼”, and 2-3/8" Radius English Wheel Anvil Rolls
  • English Wheel Floor Stand with Locking Casters
  • English Wheel Sets including six Anvil Wheels at 2-½” diameter, 2” wide flat; 12” radius with ¾” flat; 8-½” radius with ¾” flat; 5” radius with 3/8” flat, 3-¼” radius with ¼” flat, 2-3/8” radius with 1/8” flat wheels available.
  • Metal Shaper Station

All English Wheel anvils are heat treated and hard-turned (for concentricity) for the best possible finish. Base plating is fabricated 2-3/8” steel plating, thus ensuring a dependable, long-lasting piece of machinery.

Therefore, whether you work in a small machine shop, with a race team, in an auto body shop, or even in manufacturing and assembly, you can rest assured that we have durable, long-lasting equipment (including English Wheel kits) and tooling solutions to meet your specific fabrication and/or customization requirements. Whatever your project, contact us for a consultation—and a bid for a custom solution for your equipment projects.

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