Fabrication Equipment

Fabrication Equipment from Mittler Bros.

Fabrication Machinery for Repairs, Replacement Parts and Manufacturing

Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products manufactures a wide range of fabrication equipment and accessories. Much of our equipment is designed for sheet metal fabrications. We design and manufacture fabrication equipment in the USA and proud that our more than 30 years off innovative equipment and parts design is recognized nationally, particularly with the racing circuits. Our fabrication tools and equipment are affordable for small repair shops and small businesses, but designed with 3/8” steel plating to ensure that your Mittler Bros. fabrication equipment stands the test of time.

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The Right Fabrication Equipment for Your Business

Fabrication equipment from Mittler Bros. is durable, dependable and will last for decades. Many small repair shops, auto body shops and machine shops cannot afford standard or custom equipment and tools for fabrication. Mittler Bros. has the solution—our fabrication equipment and tools are quite affordable for smaller businesses. Additionally, our equipment, parts and custom fabrications are designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA!

Our product line for fabrication equipment is extensive; and if the right equipment for your business is not currently available from Mittler Bros., please let us know, since we custom fabricate equipment and parts as well.

The main fabrication equipment product line for Mittler Bros. includes:

  • Sheet Metal Fabrication Equipment – sheet metal brakes, box and pan brakes, shear breaks, and other equipment that is ideal for mild steels, aluminum, brass or even alloys
  • Tube Benders - 180˚ and 90˚ hydraulic and manual tube benders, 180˚ and 90˚ tube bender shoe sets, portable 90˚ tube bender; 2D and 3D design software, and many accessory parts
  • Tube Notchers - single speed and variable speed tube notchers, hydraulic tube notchers, hole saw notchers and accessories
  • Metal Forming Hand Tools – mallets, hammers, Clecos, Cleco kits and miscellaneous handheld tools
  • Shrinker/Stretchers – complete units, combos, miscellaneous parts
  • Presses – hydraulic, manual, bench presses, Louver presses and kits, pumps, and accessories
  • Bead Rollers – manual and powered units, bead rolls and sets
  • English Wheels
  • Planishing Hammers and Power Hammers
  • Beverly Shears – 7 gauge, 10 gauge, 14 gauge throatless and slitter
  • Universal Tool Stands

Industrial Automation Design and Fabrication Services

Mittler Bros. is a manufacturer and custom fabricator of equipment and parts for industrial businesses and manufacturing companies. Whether you need specialty equipment designed, build and shipped to your facilities or you need custom or OEM parts for existing equipment or product lines, Mittler Bros. is your best choice for industrial automation design and fabrication services. Contact our design team and engineers with your equipment or parts fabrication requirements and specifications.

Do you need industrial automation equipment designed for your business? If so, please let us know, we will gladly take a look at your specifications and deliver a bid.

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