Hand Notcher

Hand Nothcer or Handheld Tubing Notchers and Hole Saw Cutters

Portable Machinist Tools

Mittler Bros. manufacturers hand notcher equipment and accessories, bench-mount tube notchers, hole saw cutters, corner/angle notching equipment and sheet metal fabrication equipment for machine shops, auto body shops, repair shops, racing teams (see also Tanner Racing Products), parts manufactures and other business. With portable machinist tools and a portable hand notcher, you can fix or customize automotive design, boating/marine, aircraft assembly, manufacturing or repair as needed.

Our portable, hydraulic handheld notchers, hole saws, and other hand notcher equipment and accessories give your machine shop personnel flexibility in design, fabrication, repair or customization.

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Hand Notcher Equipment and Accessories

Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products manufacturers hand notcher equipment, hydraulic hand notchers, portable units and holes saw cutters for sheet metal fabrications, repairs and customization. Our portable, dependable hand notchers are affordable and versatile-use tools that are ideal for small businesses or race teams.

Available hand notching equipment includes:

  • Hydraulic Tube Notchers
    • Standard Hydraulic Tube Notcher - 10 ton ram; capacity of 2" O.D. tubing x .154" wall
    • Heavy duty Hydraulic Tube w/Cylinder - 10 ton ram; capacity of 2-3/8" O.D. (2" Pipe) x .154" wall
    • Notcher Dies and Notcher Sets – range of 1” to 2” standard hydraulic notcher dies and 1” to 2 3/8” notcher dies
    • Hydraulic Pumps – air or electric
    • Replacement Punches
  • Handheld Hole Saw Notchers
    • Standard and Deluxe Steel Hole Saw Notchers models available
    • Affordable Hand Notcher Model – portable and light weight
    • Accurate Notching - sets to exact angles ranging from O˚ to 60˚
    • Quick Notching - less than 30 seconds per notch on standard sheet metals
    • Power – use with a drill press or hand drill
    • Tube Centering (Automatic)
  • Tube Notcher Accessories
    • Bushing adaptors
    • Chip trays
    • Cutters – fine edge, helix and rough edge
    • Design software (2D and 3D) available
    • Levels
    • PipeMaster tool for speedy O.D. notching calculations
    • Smart Tool Module
    • Notch and bend aligners
    • Rolling stand with storage shelf
    • Vise kits - adjustable height
    • Vise jaw shims
    • Vise stop assemblies
    • Voltage converter

Bench-Mount or Bench-Top Notchers

Of course, Mittler Bros. also manufactures and sells bench-mount tube notchers, single speed and variable speed tube notching systems, and accessories. With rugged end mill design, 3/8” steel plate construction, and the highest quality notching (in minimal time), our tube notchers are ideal for any machine shop, repair shop or parts manufacturing facility.

Our tube notcher systems include:

These tube-notching systems provide exceptional TIG welding fits as well.

Mittler Bros. designs notching equipment that is affordable and dependable, and ideal for small businesses. You can rely on Mittler Bros. tube and hand notchers to last a long, long time.

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