Hydraulic Tube Notcher

Hydraulic Tube Notcher and Accessory Parts

“Each and every cut we made with the Mittler Bros hole saw notcher was perfect, and our hole saw bits lasted at least twice as long as before, if not longer.”—“Cool Tool - Mittler Bros' Deluxe Tubing Notcher” by Rick Webster, 4x4 Review website

Durable, Reliable, Exacting Equipment

Hydraulic tube notcher equipment and accessories from Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products outperform the expectations of many small businesses and machine shop fabricators. With bodies made from durable 3/8” steel plating and precision-cutting accessories, tube notching is much easier and faster than you might expect; and Mittler machine shop tools outperform many other tools in the same class. With over 30 years of engineering, design and manufacturing experience, Mittler Bros. delivers the goods, so, to speak—our tools provide affordable machine shop equipment solutions for racing teams, auto body shops, automotive repair shops, parts fabricators and for any company needing well-built equipment.

Additionally, all of our hydraulic tube notchers and accessories are manufactured right here in the USA!

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Hydraulic Tube Notcher Options and Accessories

Bending pipe and tubing for frames, roll cages, security enclosures, automotive replacement/repair parts or even for parts manufacturing allows machinists to produce precision parts. Our hydraulic tube notcher equipment includes end mill design that allows for fast fabrication with a minimal cope time; and these notchers are a cost-effective tooling solution for small businesses. Products and accessories include:

Hydraulic Tube Notchers

  • Standard Hydraulic Tube Notcher—10 ton ram capacity for tubes up to 2" O.D. Tubing x .154" wall
  • Heavy Duty Hydraulic Tube Notcher w/Cylinder—10 ton ram capacity for tubing up to 2-3/8" O.D. (2" Pipe) x .154" wall
  • Hydraulic notcher accessories include:
    • 1” to 2” standard hydraulic notcher dies
    • 1” to 2 3/8” notcher dies
    • Air hydraulic pump
    • Electric hydraulic pump
    • Replacement punches
    • Additional accessories and replacement parts

Additional tube notchers include the following models (please review product descriptions for additional details:

  • Single Speed Ultimate Tube Notcher—with a capacity of ½” to 2" standard tubing/pipe and ¾” to 2-3/8" O.D. tubing for model upgrades; and our small business customers tell us that this affordable notcher is their “money making machine”
  • Variable Speed Ultimate Tube Notcher—offers highest quality notches in minimal coping time; 75 - 250 RPM adjustable cutter speed control; 1-½ HP AC motor at 15 Amps; 1 Phase 50/60 Cycle model (this unit has proven industry use for over two decades)
  • Double Sided Variable Speed Ultimate Tube Notcher
  • Hole Saw Notchers—models are designed for ¾” to 2” O.D. tubing/pipe with automatic centering and accurate notching of tubing from ½” to 2”
    • Standard Steel Hole Saw Notcher
    • Deluxe Aluminum Hole Saw Notcher
  • Optional Cutters—cutters include 1-¼” to 1-¾” fine edge, ½” to 1” helix and 5/8” to 2-3/8” rough edge cutters

Tube Notcher Accessories

Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products stocks a wide range of standard and hydraulic tube notcher accessories, replacement parts, and other useful items. Mittler Bros. manufactures parts in the USA and ships worldwide!

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