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If you are looking for automotive and/or racing leveling equipment, tools, alignment and balancing equipment, Pull-Down Rigs or other equipment for your auto repair shop, or for a racing team, then choose durable, American-made equipment manufactured in Missouri!  Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products manufactures a wide range of high-end, high-performance automotive parts, and machine shop, sheet metal fabrication equipment (ideal for customization projects) that are ideal for use by racing teams.  We manufacture a wide range of equipment and parts specifically designed to suit NASCAR stock cars/racecars, Bandoleros/Legend, dragsters, Formula 1s, Quarter Midgets, Mini Cup vehicles, and even for racing circuit Go-Karts!

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Choose the Right Leveling Equipment for the Job

With decades of experience designing, prototyping, engineering, manufacturing and testing equipment and high-performance automotive parts and equipment, we guarantee attention to detail, high-quality fabrications, custom-built equipment and parts—of course, our passion for racing shows in our products and our willingness to manufacture parts and equipment designed for specifically for racing teams, machinists and pit crews.  Choose innovatively designed, reliable automotive parts and leveling equipment that is available direct from Mittler Bros./Tanner racing Products.

Our product line of automotive/racing leveling equipment includes:

  • Chassis Set-Up Fixture – we fabricate custom-built chassis set-up fixtures to fit your specific wheel base; this product is an all-aluminum fabrication that is portable and easy to set up or store; our chassis set-up fixture has an adjustable tread width, has 12 leveling feet and fits all 15” scale systems (see also Chassis Dyno)
  • Bandolero/Legend Set-Up Fixture – designed specifically for lightweight racecars, particularly the Bandolero circuit; this set-up fixture is adjustable to 70.5" to 73" Wheelbase and/or 39" to 52" Tread Width
  • Laser Leveling Kit – this very reliable product has CNC-Machined Targets and a Swivel Laser Base (laser-etched scale does not wear off); the product comes with a Fitted Carrying Case and is an absolute must-have product for race teams, pit crews and mechanics
  • Smart Tool Angle Sensor – ideal tool for a wide range of applications; this tool is designed for setting precision, suspension link angles; easy one-button tool recalibration; this sensor reads degrees, % slope and pitch angles
  • Magnetic Mount for Smart Tool – ideal mount for anyone using our Smart Tool Angle Sensor

Choose Additional Alignment, Adjustment and Balancing Equipment

We also recommend that you review Tanner Racing Products’ individual product descriptions of related automotive/racing equipment.  We have adjustment, alignment, balancing and our Chassis Dyno equipment for a variety of automotive applications, particularly for vehicles in the various racing circuits, and for lightweight vehicle classes under 1,000 lbs.

Additional related products include the following equipment/tool categories:

  • Accu-lign – an innovative, revolutionary racecar alignment system designed to solve suspension access problems, eliminate roll on pads and ramps, and improve overall alignment accuracy for all four tires
  • Adjustment Tools – we have an assortment of tools and equipment including a Universal A-Frame Shim Kit, Standard Shims, Tapered Pinion Shims, Lowering Blocks, Jack Bolt Clamps, Spring Rubbers and wide range of other handheld tools
  • Small Car D-3 Chassis Dyno 60" – Chassis Dyno manufactured for use with small car and racecar classes; portable equipment that tests up to 20 hp.; this product is ideal for Bandoleros, Mini Cup vehicles, Go-Karts and Quarter Midgets
  • Pull-Down Rig – custom-built Pull-Down Rig is used by winning race teams nationwide; this rig is ideal for standard NASCAR stock cars and Short Track Teams; this Pull-Down Rig also has a proprietary PC User Interface to control all rig functions
  • Set-Up Equipment – we manufacture a wide range of general set-up equipment including, but not limited to, Turn Plates (Set of 2), EZ Sweep Caster/Slip Plates, a Digital Tread Depth Gauge, a Digital Camber Gauge with Magnetic Adaptor, Staggerite Tire Caliper, Nitro Dryer, Toe Plate Kit, Deluxe Valve Core Tool (with 10 Cores), a Deluxe Valve Core Tool, Caster/Camber Gauges, Caster/Camber Adapters, a Stagger Roller, and Stagger Tape

You can call Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products toll-free at 800-467-2464; or customers near St. Louis are welcome to call us locally at 636-745-7757.

Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products Ships Worldwide

We are the manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of automotive, racing specialty products, and custom-built equipment designed for auto body shops, machine shops, automotive repair shops, and of course, we are a major parts supplier to most of the racing circuits, particularly for high-end, high performance automotive parts.  We ship products and parts throughout the United States, and worldwide.

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