Louver Dies

Louver Dies, Presses, Punches, Flares and Accessories

Louver dies, Louver presses, Louver punches, individual Louver punch dies, flares, starter kits and other accessories for sheet metal fabrications are available direct from the manufacturer, Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products. With over 30 years of innovative tooling design and manufacturing solutions for high-end automotive use, racecars, aircraft, automotive repair shops, auto body shops, machine shops and manufacturers, Mittler Bros. is known throughout many industries as a manufacturer and supplier that can always rely on for affordable, dependable, long-lasting tools and equipment.

Louver Dies, Louver Punches, Louver Presses, Flares and Other Fabrication Are Available Direct from the Manufacturer Mittler Bros.—Contact Us Today!

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Louver Dies, Accessories and Presses

Individuals, DIYers, racing teams, small businesses and even larger industrial companies know that Mittler Bros. produces some of the best products on the market—and, our parts, dies, punches, flares, Louver presses and other equipment and tools are made in the USA!

Get the standard or specialty Louver dies that you need to go with Louver presses for sheet metal fabrications (aluminum and mild steels for instance) direct from the manufacturer. Mittler Bros. manufactures a wide range of Louver press accessories and Louver punch dies, automotive punch and flares, aircraft punch and flares including:

  • Standard Louver Dies (One Set) and Die Mounting Plate with the 10 Ton Ram Louver Press Kit
  • Individual Louver Dies or Sets
  • Hex Punch and Die with Stripper—11/32" to 27/32" sizes
  • Louver Punch Sets for Louver Presses and Louver Punch Sets (1", 2”, 3”, 4” and 5” and 3” Punch Set for Dome Louver)
  • Metric Round Punch and Die with Stripper—4.7mm to 19mm sizes
  • Oblong Punches/Dies with Stripper—3/16" x ¾” to 13/16" x 1" sizes
  • Rectangle Punch/Die with Stripper—¼” x 1" to 9/16" x 7/8" sizes
  • Round Punch and Die with Urethane Stripper—5/32" to 1" sizes
  • Square Punch and Die with Stripper—¼” to 13/16" sizes
  • Punch and Die Mounting Kit (for bench presses) for 16 gauge mild steels and 1” aluminum capacity
  • Additional Accessories for Louver Presses or Bench Presses
  • Handheld Metalworking or Metal Forming Tools
  • Automotive and Aircraft Flares (Dash Gauge Punches and Instrumentation-Size Flares and Punches for Equipment Gauges, etc.)
  • Flare Tools and Automotive and Aircraft Punch and Bead Sets

Parts Fabrication and Customization with Louver Dies

Louver dies, punches, and accessories are quite useful for standard, OEM or more importantly, custom parts fabrications. Mittler Louver dies, punches, and Louver presses are used by a wide range of businesses, individuals, and organizations for customization, repairs, restorations and parts manufacturing, particularly in racing, automotive, aviation and marine/boating markets.

Contact Mittler Bros. for the parts and sheet metal fabrication tools, equipment, and accessories that you need for your business. We ship throughout the US and worldwide.

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