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Louver Tool, Press and Accessories Manufacturer—Mittler Bros.

Louver Press and Accessories Manufacturer

When you need a Louver tool, a Louver Press, Louver parts and accessories for sheet metal fabrications, automotive parts, customization, or for parts manufacturing, then try out the Louver tools and press equipment engineered and manufactured by Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products. Known throughout the racing, automotive, aircraft, boating, and automotive parts manufacturing sectors (and other market sectors such as industrial automation and parts fabrication), Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products manufactures and sells Louver presses, bench presses, hydraulic presses and all the standard and specialty punches, flares, dies and other accessories that you need for sheet metal parts fabrication and for customization.

For Louver Tools, Louver Presses and Dies—Contact Mittler Bros.

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The Right Louver Tool for Job

When your machinists need a tool for the job, they look for the right tool. A Louver tool or press, Louver tooling accessories and other presses are essential for sheet metal fabrication and custom fabrications. Our Louver tool sets, Louver Press starter kits and accessories offer machinists, small businesses, racing teams, restorers (vintage aircraft or classic cars), individual, DIYers, and even larger scale manufacturers the flexibility needed to work on new fabrications or repair older vehicles and equipment that are obsolete (it is hard to find OEM parts for classic cars and WWII airplanes!).

Mittler Bros. manufactures standard Louver Press equipment including:

  • Louver Press (10 ton) or Louver Press Starter Kit
  • Air hydraulic pumps
  • Hoses (20’ standard) and fitting
  • Punches, dies, flares in a wide range of standard styles
  • Specialty punches/dies
  • Aircraft flare tools and punches (for instrumentation panels—great for boats also!)
  • Automotive flare tools and punches (for dashboard gauges, etc.)
  • Mounting kits
  • Precision slide assembly
  • Punch assemblies and Louver punch tools
  • Stripper assembly
  • Urethane Louver blocks (1”, 2”, 3”, 4” and 5” punches)
  • Replacement parts and additional accessories not listed here

Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products—Made in the USA!

Mittler Bros/Tanner Racing Products designs, engineers, tests and manufactures just west of St. Louis, Missouri—our products are “Made in the USA,” and we are pleased that we can offer dependable, sturdy, affordable equipment designed for heavy-duty usage that even the occasional user or daily users would appreciate.

Contact us for any specialty, industrial automation, or manufacturing and/or other Louver tooling requirements that your company currently has as we design, engineer, manufacture and ship throughout the US—actually, all over the world, direct from Missouri.

Call Mittler Bros. Toll-Free: 1-800-467-2464
Local Calls in the Saint Louis Area: 636-745-7757