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Metal fabrication equipment and tools from Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products allow small repair shops, race teams, auto body shops, car restorers, parts manufacturers or even manufacturing and industrial companies to expand their services at affordable prices. Much of our equipment is designed for small businesses and for the needs of repair shops. Much of our metal fabrication equipment is also affordable for DIYers, particularly classic car restorers and racing teams.

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With over 30 years of experience in design, engineering and the manufacture of standard metal fabrication tools, equipment and custom products (custom-designed industrial automation for larger companies, for instance), Mittler Bros. now has some of the most dependable machine shop equipment available. We manufacture and fabricate products in the USA—in Missouri, actually.

As racing fans ourselves, we know that race teams, repair shops, machine shops and other businesses need metal fabrication equipment for custom work or customized parts production. Much of our equipment is ideal for stock cars, quarter midgets, Formula 1s, go-karts and other vehicles. In fact, our metal fabrication tools and equipment are used in several industries including automotive parts production, custom automotive work, model prototyping, custom racing, marine/boating and even for aviation including aircraft parts production, maintenance and repair work.

If you are DIYer or own a small machine shop, contact Mittler Bros. to find a metal fabrication equipment supplier that you can rely upon.

Metal Fabrication Equipment Categories

Besides producing high-end and custom auto parts (see Tanner Racing Products), Mittler Bros. produces a range of automotive and general machinist equipment and tools.

Categories of metal fabrication equipment and tools include:

  • Bead Rollers – manual and powered units, industrial variable speed and high throat bead roller models, rotary machines, bead rolls and sets, and accessories
  • Bench Presses – manual, hydraulic and 10 ton hydraulic bench presses, Louver punches and accessories (models include 3-ton, 5-ton and 10-ton on bench presses)
  • Beverly Shears – slitter and throatless models and replacement blades
  • English Wheels – several models, anvils and complete anvil rolls, and miscellaneous parts
  • Louver Press Kits – complete kits, pumps, punches, assemblies, strippers, and other accessories
  • Metal Forming Hand Tools – wide range of manual tools for finishing sheet metal fabrications, mallets, bossing mallets, slappers, T-dollies, pliers, offset snips, Clecos and many other tools
  • Planishing Hammers – hammers and lower anvils, shaping dies, upper anvil and additional parts
  • Power Hammers – single head (manual and powered), double hammers, fabricated arms, pedestals and a range of dies sets
  • Punches and Flares – standard and specialty sets for automotive and aircraft work/product assembly, etc.
  • Sheet Metal Brakes– box and pan brake, radius brake, 22 gauge brake, 52” shear brake and accessories for all models
  • Shrinker/Stretchers – combo units, powered sets, additional jaws, handles, cartridges, etc.
  • Tube/Pipe Benders – hydraulic 90˚ and 180˚ benders, manual 180˚ bender, individual shoes and shoe sets, design software (2D and 3D), and accessories
  • Tube/Pipe Notchers – single speed, variable speed, double-side variable speed, portable hydraulic notchers, hole saw notchers, and a wide range of accessories
  • And many more accessories

Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products also stocks a wide range of automotive parts and many aircraft tools as well. Our tools and equipment are also ideal for marine/boating applications, parts fabrication, maintenance and repairs.

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