Metal Shapers for Sale

Metal Shapers for Sale—Metal Fabrication Equipment, Workstation, English Wheels and Accessories

Metal Shapers for sale (and accessories) from Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products are ideal for use with our English Wheels, anvils and accessory parts.  By using Metal Shapers, you can fabricate simple to very complex bends in sheet metals for automotive (or airplane) panel repairs or for customization.  This Metal Shaper and stand is a complete workstation and it comes complete with a floor stand (or workstation cell) that is precision-engineered using CNC-machined, heat-treated steel for its metal frame.  This Standard English Wheel and station allows easy hammering and blocking to pre-form your custom parts from aluminum or steel sheet metal from 10 gauge soft aluminum to 16 gauge mild steels.

When you choose one of our Metal Shapers for sale, the product, stand/station comes with Lower Anvil Wheels, an Upper Wheel, six standard anvil wheels, a Shrinker/Stretcher with Jaws, and a 12” Shot Bag.  Additional Shrinker/Stretcher units, combo units, jaws and accessories are also available direct from Mittler Bros.

Additionally, this is your solution for complete wheeling and raising or finishing of sheet metal panels and fabrications.  You can also roll case hardened metals as well.

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Sheet Metal Fabrication Equipment and Additional Metal Shapers for Sale

Metal Shapers and other general sheet metal fabrication tools and accessories are essential equipment for machine shops, auto body shops and general automotive repair shops.  The uses do not end there, though.  If you own a racecar for NASCAR or dragsters, or a vehicle in one of the many other lighter vehicle categories less than 1,000 lbs., such as Bandolero, Formula 1s, quarter midgets or go-karts, then our fabrication equipment and accessories are ideal for your applications.  These products are also quite useful for work on motorcycles and airplanes as well.

Other Metal Shapers for sale from Mittler Bros. include the Standard Bench Mount English Wheel that comes with the previously mentioned workstation, or an Unwelded, Standard Bench Mount, English Wheel Kit, a Bench Mount English Wheels, or our Free-Standing Floor Model English Wheel.  We also sell floor stands, blueprints and a wide range of anvil wheels and English Wheel accessories for all of your additional sheet metal fabrication requirements.

Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products also offers a wide range of shop fabrication equipment and even sheet metal forming hand tools (e.g. hammers, mallets, slappers, rivet guns, snips, T-dollies, shot bags, pliers, seamers, and similar products).  Additional powered shop machinery for sheet metal fabrications include bench presses, Planishing Hammers, Power Hammers, Sheet Metal Brakes, Shrinker/Stretchers, and many other equipment and accessories.

Please visit the Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products store to review additional machine shop metal fabrication equipment, additional machinery and accessory tools and parts.

Fine Metal Art Customization Products

Mittler Bros. has many fine art metal shaping products for sale including metal art supplies.  We are pleased to offer the Jamey Jordan Signature Series (bead rollers and sheet metal shaping tools and accessories) for customization or fine metal art projects.  We also sell a wide range of handheld tools along with all the accessory parts you might need for customization work on racing cars, vintage vehicle restorations or even for motorcycles and choppers.

Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products manufactures equipment, machinery, and accessories and Missouri near St. Louis.  We ship equipment and tools throughout the United States and worldwide.

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