Metal Shrinker Stretcher

Metal Shinker Stretcher Tools and Sets from Mittler Bros.

When you need metal shrinker stretcher tools and sets, you need fabrication equipment from the tooling specialists Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products. If your machine shop, automotive shop or parts manufacturing requires stretching, shrinking, pulling, bending, cutting, pressing or otherwise manipulating sheet metal for automotive, racing, boating, aviation or manufacturing and industrial needs, then contact Mittler Bros. for high-end automotive tooling equipment solutions.

With a line of metal fabrication tools and metal shrinker stretcher tools (ideal for putting curves in sheet metals, custom parts, etc.) designed for automotive fabrications, Mittler Bros.’ products are used for a wide range of applications from standard/OEM parts production to complete customization projects.

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American-Made, Sheet Metal Fabrication Equipment

Mittler Bros. manufacturers metal shrinker stretcher products and other automotive tooling equipment in Missouri. Our line of American-made, durable fabrication tools, kits and accessory parts include:

  • Powered Metal Shrinker Stretcher Complete with Kit
    • Complete Metal Shrinker Stretcher Unit
    • Body or Shrinker Stretcher Base – fabricated from of 3/8” steel plating
    • Maximum Materials Capacities – metal sheets of 14 ga. aluminum (0.062”), 16 ga. mild steels (0.06”) and 19 ga. stainless steels (0.043”)
  • The Complete Metal Shrinker Stretcher Kit
    • Complete Power Unit Kit (also sold separately)
    • Cartridges
    • Metal Shrinker Body (one)
    • Metal Stretcher Body (one)
    • Metal Shrinker Jaws
    • Metal Stretcher Jaws
    • Removable Vinyl Grip Handle (one)
  • Metal Shrinker Stretcher Set
    • Metal Shrinker Stretcher Body Pair (one pair—additional pairs available and sold separately)
    • Shrinker Body and Stretcher Body
    • Shrinker Jaws and Stretcher Jaws
    • Removable Vinyl Grip Handle
  • Metal Shrinker Stretcher Combo Unit
    • Metal Shrinker Stretcher Combination Body
    • Set of Shrinker Jaws
    • Set of Stretcher Jaws
    • Removable Vinyl Grip Handle (one)
  • Complete Kit
    • Power Kit Only (less the bodies and cartridges)
    • Power Kit available with the Complete Powered Metal Shrinker Stretcher Unit (see above)
  • Shrinker/Stretcher (Deep Throat) for Press Tooling
  • Additional Accessories
    • Shrinker Body
    • Stretcher Body
    • Shrinker Jaws Replacement Part
    • Stretcher Jaws Replacement Part
    • Replacement Vinyl Grip Handle

Contact Mittler Bros. for all of your machine shop needs. We are the fabrication specialists that can assist your small business with affordable, reliable equipment, tools and fabrication products.

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