Metal Shrinker and Stretcher

Metal Shrinker and Stretcher for Fabrication Shops

High-End Automotive and Fabrication Equipment

A metal shrinker and stretcher along with jaws and parts is very handy tool to have in your machine shop. Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products manufactures durable high-end automotive equipment for fabrications, custom work, parts manufacturing and repairs/maintenance. Many of our sheet metal fabrication equipment has been designed, engineered and tested for specialty automotive needs ranging from racecar manufacturing and repairs (stock cars, quarter midgets, Formula SAE, quads, go-karts, etc.), to parts production for manufacturing to tools for aircraft/aviation and boating/marine applications.

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Metal Shrinker and Stretcher Equipment, Kits and Parts

If you need a metal shrinker and stretcher combo or individual units and replacement parts, Mittler Bros.’ metal shrinker and stretcher tools are the ideal fit for your machine shop, parts fabrication or automotive repair needs. Our product line includes extremely durable and reliable equipment that you will be using for years.

Our shrinker/stretcher tools and accessories include:

  • Complete Powered Metal Shrinker and Stretcher Unit
    • Body and base are made of extremely durable 3/8” steel plating
    • Maximum sheet metal capacities for the units—14 gauge (0.062”) aluminum, 16 gauge (0.06”) mild steels, and 19 gauge (0.043”) stainless steel
  • The Complete Metal Shrinker and Stretcher Kit
    • Complete Power Unit Kit (also sold separately)
    • Metal Shrinker Body
    • Metal Stretcher Body
    • Cartridges
    • Removable Grip Handle
    • Shrinker Jaws
    • Metal Stretcher Jaws
  • Metal Shrinker and Stretcher Combo Unit
    • One Metal Shrinker and Stretcher Combo Body
    • One Set of Shrinker Jaws
    • One Stretcher Jaws Set
    • One Removable Vinyl Grip Handle
  • Metal Shrinker and Stretcher Set
  • Complete Kit
    • Power Kit without Cartridges and Bodies
    • This is the Power Kit with the Complete Power Shrinker and Stretcher Unit (see above)
  • Deep Throat Shrinker/Stretcher (for Press Tooling)
  • Replacement Parts and Accessories
    • Shrinker Body - one Shrinker Body, Jaws and a Removable Handle (separate Stretcher Body available)
    • Replacement Body
    • Replacement Handle with Vinyl Grip
    • Stretcher Jaws Replacement Part
    • Shrinker Jaws Replacement Part

The Right Tools for Your Machine Shop

Mittler Bros. manufactures and sells metal shrinker and stretcher combo units along with a wide range of metal fabrication tools for machine shops, repair shops or even for manufacturing and industrial automation.

Some of the additional equipment available from Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products includes:

  • Aircraft Tools
  • Automotive Parts (High-End Parts and Customization Tools for Race Cars and Restorations)
  • Bead Rollers and Rotary Machines
  • Bench Presses, Hydraulic Presses, Hand Presses and Louver Presses
  • Beverly Shears
  • Clecos and Accessory Tools
  • English Wheels
  • Handheld Metalworking Tools or Manual Metal Forming Tools
  • Power Hammers and Planishing Hammers
  • Punches, Flares and Dies (individual and sets)
  • Racing Scales and Accessories
  • Sheet Metal Brakes, Box and Pan Brakes, Shear Brakes, Siding Brakes, and 22 Gauge Brakes
  • Tube Benders or Pipe Benders
  • Tube Notchers or Pipe Notchers
  • And a wide range of accessories and parts for all categories

Custom Industrial Tooling

Mittler Bros. has a design, engineering, and production team in order to meet the needs of specialty or customized industrial automation and tooling equipment. Contact us about your next industrial tooling project(s) or expansion. Mittler Bros. can assist your company with custom, American-made tooling!

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