Metal Stretcher

Sheet Metal Stretcher Equipment from Mittler Bros.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Tools

Race teams, repair shops, machinists, classic car restorers, and automotive DIYers, all know how useful a metal stretcher or shrinker/stretcher combo can be. With the right tool for light sheet metals, aluminum, mild steels, stainless steels (and even brass), you can custom fabricate standard parts or replace parts on obsolete models, racecars, go-karts, Formula 1s, quarter midgets, classic vehicles or even on heavy commercial vehicles, boats and aircraft. With tools that are flexible-use, the sky…or maybe that should be...the road is the limit!

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Dependable, Rugged Fabrication Tools

The Mittler Bros. product line is a nationally known and respected brand; respected because of the quality, dependability, and flexible-use capabilities of our sheet metal fabrication tools that are designed for automotive repairs, race teams and classic car restorations (our metal stretcher and shrinker equipment works exceptionally well for other vehicles, aircraft and boats).

Our metal stretcher or shrinker/stretcher product line includes:

  • Power Shrinker/Stretcher (Complete with Kit)
    • Complete unit with base made of 3/8” steel plating
    • Maximum sheet metal capacities - aluminum at 14 gauge (0.062”), mild steels at 16 gauge (0.06”), and stainless steel at 19 gauge (0.043”)
    • The complete kit comes with the complete power unit kit (also sold separately) with a shrinker body, a metal stretcher body, shrinker jaws, metal stretcher jaws, cartridges, and a removable handle
  • Shrinker/Stretcher Combo Unit
    • One shrinker/stretcher combination body
    • One set of shrinker jaws and a set of stretcher jaws
    • One removable handle
  • Shrinker/Stretcher Set
    • One shrinker/stretcher body pair (additional pairs available, sold separately)
    • One shrinker body with jaws and removable handle
    • One metal stretcher body with jaws and removable handle
  • Complete Kit
    • Power kit only; less cartridges and bodies
    • This is also the power kit that comes with the Complete Power Shrinker/Stretcher Unit (see above)
  • Replacement Parts
    • Shrinker Body - one shrinker body, jaws and removable handle
    • Stretcher Body - one stretcher body, with jaws and removable handle
    • Shrinker Jaws – replacement part
    • Stretcher Jaws – replacement part
    • Replacement body only
    • Replacement handle (only) with vinyl grip

Custom Industrial Automation Design and Engineering

If your company needs industrial automation equipment or custom-built machine shop presses (or custom, larger industrial presses), please contact our design and engineering team. With over 30 years of innovation and design experience, Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products can help you with your custom industrial automation and tooling equipment requirements.

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