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Metal Working Tools and Equipment from Mittler Bros.

High-End Automotive Parts Fabrication and Metal Working Tools

Metal working and metal forming tools from Mittler Bros. and Tanner Racing Products are essential for racecar teams, automotive fans, restoration projects and custom jobs. Whether you are in one of the major racing circuits, race NASCAR stock cars, Formula 1s, quarter midgets or go-karts, you need long-lasting, quality tools that you and your team or shop mechanics can rely upon for metal working projects.

Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products provides a wide range of metal working, forming, cutting, punching, bending, and other tools and equipment for custom work. These durable products (made in the USA, of course) make preparing your own replacement parts, panels, fenders, and other specialty in-house metal fabrication easy!

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Wide Range of High-End Automotive Products

Located near St. Louis, Mittler Bros. is a nationwide leader in high-quality, automotive metal working tools, replacement parts and custom fabrications that are produced locally in Missouri. Whether you are racing professionally, have an automotive repair business, or need your own tools for custom repairs of your vehicles, then look no further than to Mittler Bros. and Tanner Racing Products. Our high-end automotive products, equipment, machinery, custom fabrications, and other products are designed for the specialty needs of racing circuits, high-end and custom parts fabrication, and for use in repair and/or assembly shops.

Some of the metal working products available direct from Mittler Bros. include:

  • Metal working or metal forming hand tools, hammers, mallets, T-dollies, rivet guns and accessories, slappers, snips, pliers, bead rollers, dies, punches, flares and many other miscellaneous metal working hand tools and accessories
  • Tube benders including manual and hydraulic benders, shoes, shoe sets and other parts
  • Tube notchers or notching equipment, single and variable speed, hydraulic notchers, cutting equipment, hole saws, etc.
  • Bead rollers, bead rolls, high throat bead rollers, rotary machines, industrial and power drives and many other metal forming/bending tools and accessories
  • Bench presses, louver kits, punches, dies, manual presses, mountable bench presses up to 10 ton, and many other accessories
  • Shrinkers and stretchers
  • Wide range of punches, flares, dies and miscellaneous accessories
  • And we carry a wide range of replacement parts for a variety of car makes and models

Review Our Handheld Metal Working and Metal Forming Tools

Mittler Bros. and Tanner Racing Products strive to offer the essential tools that repair shops, racecar drivers (and teams), and automotive fans want and/or need to finish a project, or to repair a car, or to provide your business with powerful, reliable, durable metal working tools and equipment.

Mittler Bros. and Tanner Racing Products manufacture products, equipment and tools in the USA. You will notice the difference with our exceptional-quality, metal working products.

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