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Metal working hand tools or sheet metal forming hand tools are essential equipment for machine shops, racing teams, auto body shops, automotive repair shops, and even for industrial/manufacturing companies…actually, the uses are nearly limitless, including aviation applications.  Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products, a manufacturer west of St. Louis, produces a wide range of metal shaping equipment.

For companies requiring custom, industrial automation equipment, Mittler Brothers can assist with product development including consultation, design, engineering and fabrication.

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Durable, Innovative, Metal Working Hand Tools

We manufacture a wide range of small-to-large machine shop equipment in a variety of categories including bench presses, English Wheels, power hammers, sheet metal brakes, Planishing Hammers, tube benders, shrinker/stretchers, tube notchers, custom billet crankshafts, bead rollers, aircraft tools, other equipment, and a wide range of automotive parts and accessories for all of our tools.  We also manufacture and sell a range of handheld tools that are ideal for sheet metal fabrication, sheet metal art (learn about the new Jamey Jordan Signature Series), repairs or for general automotive and race car customization projects.

Some of our handheld metal forming tools and metal working hand tools include:

  • Hammers and Mallets—durable, American-made Blocking Hammers (ideal for roughing or blocking high-dome shapes in aluminum or steel sheet metal), Bossing Mallets (Each mallet also has two radii with extra deep reach), Plastic Mallets (high-quality, no-mar head UHMW Plastic with genuine hickory handles—available in three sizes), and Wooden Mallets (available in 2 ½”, 2 ¾” or 3” diameters)
  • T-Dollies, Slappers and Shot Bags—Wood Slappers (curved, flat and round), Curved T-Dolly (available in crescent, gentle curve or slope styles), three sizes of Straight T-Dolly styles, and 12” and 18” Shot Bags
  • Seamers and Snips—try our handy seamers available as a standard Hand Seamer or Offset Hand Seamer or High Capacity Offset Snips available in left or right-handed models
  • Rivet Guns—Swivel Riveting Tool (rotates a full 360˚), or our Air Rivet Gun, a lightweight, professional-grade gun that sets 3/32”, 1/8”, 5/32” and 3/16” aluminum and steel blind rivets

Order the Right Tools for the Job!

Whatever that specific, sheet metal fabrication tools are, that your business requires, always check with Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products first!  We have exacting equipment and metal working hand tools designed for racing teams, auto body shops, machine shops, repair shops and even for aircraft applications.  Our wide range of tools and accessories allow your personnel to make repairs, fabricate parts or even perform custom work.

If your business happens to need specialized or customized equipment, then speak with our design and engineering team for custom equipment or custom industrial automation solutions to meet your particular requirement(s).  We ship products nationwide; foreign customers are welcome to contact us about shipping options.

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