New Tubing Dies

New Tubing Dies for Mittler Brothers Bench Presses or Louver Press

½” Tubular Assembly Tooling:  New Tubing Dies for Presses

If your shop currently owns Mittler Brothers bench presses or our Louver Press, then review the specs on our new Tubing Dies.  We are now selling two new tooling accessories for our manual and hydraulic bench presses that allow you to work on ½” tube walls for tubular assembly work.  Both of these durable, easy-to-use dies allow your machinists to flatten tube ends, shear a radius and prepare tubular assemblies.  These two dies are ideal for use with each other and fit all Mittler Presses or similar presses with a standardized tooling assembly the matches our sizes.  Both of these new Tubing Dies are designed primarily for use on ½” tubing, ideally with .045” tubing walls.

Contact Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products with any of your questions about our products and the appropriate tooling accessories for bench presses.  Businesses and individual customers are welcome to call us nationwide at 800-467-2464, or locally in the St. Louis metropolitan area at 636-745-7757.

New Tubing Dies for Work on Tubular Assemblies

Our new Tubing Dies are handy accessories for use in flattening and/or punching flattened tube ends for tubular assemblies.  These particular new Tubing Dies are durable accessories that you may use on any Mittler Brothers manual or hydraulic bench press or our Louver Press products, or other standard size press tooling mounts.  If your business or shop works with tubing, tube assemblies or flattened tubing (or square), then be sure to add our Tube Punch & Radius Die and our Tube Flattening Die to your machine shop inventory.

Some of the main features of our new dies for tubing include:

Additional Tubing Dies, Accessories and Equipment

Mittler Brothers manufactures and sells a wide range of shop equipment besides our new Tubing Dies that are ideal for general sheet metal fabrication tasks, and for working with tubing and/or tubing assemblies.  Some of our other products include Bench Press Tooling and Accessories which include a wide range of products such as hydraulic pumps, Dzus Punches, Dashboard Gauge Punches, Instrument Panel Punches, Automotive Punch & Flare Sets, Aircraft Style Punch & Flare Sets, Punch & Bead Set, Corner Radius Punch, a Press Brake Adapter Kit, Tooling Punches & Dies, Quad Press Stand, Digital Protractor, Digital Angle Gauges, Shrinker/Stretcher Deep Throat (Press Tooling), additional Press Tooling products and a wide range of machinery.

We also sell a range of equipment including:  a Small Manual Bench Press, a 3 Ton Manual Bench Press, a 5 Ton Hydraulic Bench Press, a 10 Ton Hydraulic Bench Press, a 2-Sided Manual Bench Press, and a Quad Manual Bench Press, and Louver Punches.  Of course, we also have other machine shop equipment including:  Tube Benders and accessories, Tube Notchers and accessories, Bead Rollers/Rotary Machines and accessories, and many other pieces of equipment that are ideal for automotive repair shops, industrial shops, sheet metal fabrication shops, for machinists and for enterprising DIYers.

Contact Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products with product questions or the appropriate tooling and/or accessories for our machinery.  Individual customers and businesses are welcome to call us toll-free at 800-467-2464, or locally in the St. Louis metropolitan area at 636-745-7757. You may also e-mail us at:

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