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Pipe Bender Software Recommendations

As leaders in innovative parts fabrication, equipment design, engineering, and particularly automotive parts designs and manufacturing, our designers know a good 2D or 3D pipe bender software when they see one. Many customers want the calculations and designs, not software used for the most complex manufacturing design tasks for tube benders. Since many customers of Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products (including individuals, race teams and DIYers) are small businesses (and Auto CAD or other extremely complex design software may be unrealistic from a price point, time needed to learn and master, and for usability in small shops or for small parts manufacturing runs), we recommend Bend-Tech as your primary design tool.

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Bend-Tech EZ Software

Bend-Tech EZ is the introductory, 2D design-level, tube bender software available through Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products. This software is ideal for creating schematics, drafts and calculations. This product works well for the production of sheet metal fabrications that are essentially flat and have cuts, cut lengths, perforations, punches/holes, curves and complex shapes, for instance. If you are designing flat sheet metal parts or panels, this software should cover your design requirements. Bend-Tech EZ has many templates (generally, templates allow users to draft center, inside and outside dimensions and generate diagrams). The custom part interface allows for up to six bends per sheet metal fabrication or part.

Customizable 3D Pipe/Tube Bending Design Software

Commercial versions of Bend-Tech 3D pipe bender software all have main features to help with easy designs. 3D modeling designs are based on input data using:

  • Customizable 3D Parts Design Interface/Graphical User Interface
  • Custom Parts Design Interface
  • Pre-Defined 3D Design Templates for common fabrications
  • 3D Simulation or Modeling
  • Tooling Library – allowing for Bend Location Offsets, Calibrated CLR and Standard CLR (radius) for most standard pipe and tubing sizes

Bend-Tech EZ-3D Software

Bend-Tech's EZ-3D is an introductory simulation and modeling software program. This package allows for modeling 2D and 3D designs including 360˚ parts rotation simulations and bending simulations for accurate designs—this allows designers to check for any unforeseen design problems with fabrications or for fittings for those fabrications. The commercial versions of the software utilize data points to design and analyze your 3D parts fabrication models. Standard software features allow designers to simulate materials, tools, cuts, dimensions, part details, PickPoints (one of the most popular and most commonly used features), and other data points. Bend-Tech PRO and SE utilize EZ3D functions as well.

Bend-Tech SE and PRO Software Packages for Manufacturability Design

Like other pipe bender software versions, SE and PRO are easy to use, but allow for commercial parts engineering and design, assembly instructions and production designs for parts runs. The SE edition is the parts design package that concerns overall parts manufacturability. The Bend-Tech PRO version is the complete package for professional parts design. SE provides the extra design tools that you will need to use to determine actual tooling setup and production run times for parts manufacturers.

Bend-Tech SE software focuses on the physical manufacturability of your designs. Additionally, SE and PRO even allow for tooling setup and estimated manufacturing times for the parts based upon materials thicknesses, specific bending application, spring back bends, multiple die usage, roll bending, reverse engineering, unit conversions and through helpful design screens that validate parts design, allow for 360˚ rotation, “length, rotation and angle” calculations and through SE’s XYZ interface.

You can use this tubing/pipe bender software to design custom fabrications, but the focus is really on manufacturing, not just producing one custom part.

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Note: Information provided from the Bend-Tech product descriptions, Mittler Bros. in no way claims responsibility for changes in third-party software or products or the content of the software manufacturer’s product descriptions.