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Pipe Notching Equipment from Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products

Experience Manufacturing Standard and Custom Equipment

When you need pipe notching, tube notching or tube bending equipment for automotive restorations, repairs, racecars, customized vehicles or for heavy commercial/industrial vehicles, marine or aviation applications, then rely on the experienced manufacturing staff from Mittler Bros.

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Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products has over thirty years of fabrication and manufacturing experience. We offer standard and custom equipment (and custom industrial automation products) for use in automotive, boating, airplane and industrial manufacturing applications. Whether you have a racing team, a small machine/repair shop or you are a manufacturer needing a supplier, you can always rely on Mittler Bros. for quality equipment and products made and shipped in the US!

Our product line of pipe notching equipment includes:

  • Single Speed Ultimate Tube Notcher
    • End Mill Design allows for fast metal removal
    • Capacity - 1/2" to 2" standard; 3/4" to 2 3/8" for upgraded models
    • Swivel Vise with 1 degree increments
    • No coolant needed
    • Highest quality notch/cope in minimal work time
    • Makes a perfect TIG weld fit
    • V Block design allows for quick setups
    • Optional Adjustable Vice for Offset Notches
    • 1 Phase 60 cycle
    • Our customers indicate that this is their “money making machine” for small shops
  • Variable Speed Ultimate Tube Notcher
    • Highest Quality Notch/Cope in a minimal amount of time
    • Makes a perfect TIG weld fit
    • No coolant needed
    • Over 24 Years of proven use
    • Portable and easy to move to the job
    • 75 - 250 RPM adjustable cutter speed control; 1-1/2 HP AC motor; 15 Amp;1 Phase 50/60 Cycle
    • Optional Adjustable Height Vice for offset notches
  • Double-Sided Variable Speed Tube Notcher available
  • Hole Saw Notchers
    • Standard Steel Hole Saw Notcher
    • Deluxe Aluminum Hole Saw Notcher
    • ¾” to 2” hole saw options
    • Automatic tube centering and accurate notching of tubing from ½” to 2”
    • Durable, affordable and easy to use
  • Hydraulic Tube Notchers
    • Standard Hydraulic Tube Notcher with a 10 ton ram capacity; 2" OD Tubing x .154" wall
    • Heavy Duty Hydraulic Tube Notcher w/Cylinder with a 10 ton ram capacity: 2-3/8" OD (2" Pipe) x .154" wall
    • Hydraulic notcher accessories include 1” to 2” standard hydraulic notcher dies; 1” to 2 3/8” notcher dies; air hydraulic pump; electric hydraulic pump; replacement puches
    • Hydraulic Tube Notcher Accessories
  • Optional Cutters
    • 5/8” to 2 3/8” rough edge cutters
    • 1 ¼” to 1 ¾” fine edge cutters
    • ½” to 1” helix cutters
    • ½” to 1” bushing adaptors
    • Vise jaw shims
  • Tube Notcher Accessories
    • Adjustable height vise kits
    • Vise stop assemblies
    • Vise shims
    • Roll around stand with storage shelf
    • Voltage converter
    • Chip tray
    • PipeMaster tool for calculating outer diameters and notches
    • Smart Tool Module, notch and bend aligners, and levels

Great Products and Customer Service

Customer service is our first priority at Mittler Bros. If we do not stock the part, pipe notching or tube-bending tools and equipment that you need, please send us your specifications. Our products are made of extremely durable materials including steel plating for equipment. Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products proudly manufactures products in the USA near St. Louis, so, shipping is always fast!

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