Planishing Hammer

Planishing Hammer Available from Mittler Bros.

Sheet Metal Bending Equipment

If you are looking for a Planishing hammer, Planishing hammer accessories, power hammers or English Wheels for use as sheet metal fabrication and finishing tools, then you owe it to yourself, your business and machinists to review the Mittler Bros. line of products. Our Planishing hammer products and accessories are ideal for finishing sheet metal bending (ideal for automotive racing door panels, fenders, and other aviation and marine applications).

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Bending and Finishing Hammers and Tools

Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products fabricates and manufactures power and manual hammers in the USA! In fact, we manufacture and ship from our facilities just west of the St. Louis metropolitan area. When your machinists or repair personnel need the right equipment, you can rely on Mittler Bros. products to stand the test of time and usage after usage.

Our product lines for Planishing Hammer equipment, Power Hammers and English Wheels includes:

  • Planishing Hammers – ideal for fast production of complex multi form fabrications in machine shops, auto body shops and automotive repair shops
    • 12” Planishing Hammer
    • 24” Planishing Hammer
    • Models Come with 9 Radius Sheet Anvils or Radii Sheet Anvils
  • Planishing Hammer Lower Anvils
    • Lower Anvil Flat Die
    • Lower Anvil Shaping Dies for ¾”, 1 ½”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 12” applications
    • 9 piece Lower Anvil Shaping Die Sets
    • Upper Anvil Head
  • Power Hammer Units and Accessories
  • Power Hammer – Single Head Only Model
    • Fabricated Arms
    • Power Hammer Pedestal
  • Single Headed Power Hammer Kit (complete unit)
  • Double-Headed Power Hammer
    • Upper Arm and Lower Arm Weldments
    • Pedestal Drawings
  • Power Hammer Dies and Accessories
    • Flat Top Power Hammer Dies
    • Bottom Radius Hammer Dies (4”, 6”, 12” and 24”)
    • Stretching Set - two piece power hammer dies
    • Shrinking Set - two piece power hammer dies
    • Soft Set - two piece power hammer dies
    • Complete Hammer Dies and Sets
    • Blank Power Hammer Dies
    • Pedestal Drawings
    • Upper Arm Weldment
    • Lower Arm Weldment

English Wheels – English Wheel kits include all machined parts, cut-to-length frame materials, 3/8” steel metal plate construction, detailed instructions, and blueprints. All English Wheels are heat treated and hard turned for concentricity and the best finish options.

Mittler Bros. English Wheels include the following:

  • Standard Bench Mount English Wheel
  • Air Bench Mount English Wheel (air cylinder operated)
  • Unwelded Bench Mount Standard English Wheel Kit
  • Floor Model English Wheel
  • English Wheel Anvils – (complete equipment model/product line)
    • English Wheel Flat Anvil Roll
    • 12", 8-1/2", 5", 3-1/4", and 2-3/8" Radius English Wheel Anvil Roll
  • Floor Stand w/Locking Casters for English Wheels (English Wheels are not included, this is the optional stand)

Manual Tools and Accessories

In addition to Planishing Hammer units, Power Hammers and English Wheels, Mittler Bros. also stocks a wide range of handheld tools or metalworking/metal forming hand tools. These products include mallets (plastic, bossing, and wooden models), hammers, blocking hammers, T-Dollies (curved and straight), slappers, high capacity offset snips, snippers, pliers, hand seamers, pneumatic rivet guns, swivel riveting tools, shot bags and other useful items.

Mittler Bros. also provides design, engineering and custom industrial automation equipment solutions.

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