Planishing Hammer Anvils

Planishing Hammer Anvils for Steel and Aluminum, Sheet Metal Fabrication Tasks

Mittler Brothers Manufactures Planishing Hammer Anvils and Machinery in the U.S.A.

If you have a machine shop, auto body repair shop, a racing team or fabricate your own sheet metal panels and parts, choose Planishing Hammer Anvils manufactured in Missouri by Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products.  We are an American manufacturer of various types of machine shop equipment and accessories that are ideal for a wide range of tasks from general sheet metal fabrications to automotive panel repairs and customization projects for racecars in all major classes—specifically, NASCAR stock cars, Formula SAE, Bandoleros, Quarter Midgets, MiniCup cars, or even Go-Karts—to automotive and aircraft restoration projects.

Almost any shop can benefit by using Planishing Hammers, Power Hammers, English Wheels, Metal Shaper Stations, Shrinker/Stretchers, and of course, by utilizing all of the associated accessory parts, Upper Anvils, Lower Anvils, dies, Stretcher Dies, and other products.

For Planishing Hammer Anvils and Other Accessories—Contact Mittler Brothers and Tanner Racing Products

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Planishing Hammer Anvils Available from Mittler Bros.

Mittler Bros. and Tanner Racing Products ships sheet metal fabrication equipment, Lower Anvils, Upper Anvil Heads, dies, Stretcher Dies, accessories and a wide range of automotive parts, and sheet metal fabrication equipment accessories throughout the United States and to customers worldwide.

Our line of Planishing Hammer Anvils or steel Lower Anvils (shaping dies) are engineered to fit our 12” Planishing Hammer or 24” Planishing Hammer.  Available anvils include:

  • ——Lower Anvil for Planishing Hammer ¾” R
  • ——Lower Anvil for Planishing Hammer 1-½” R
  • ——Lower Anvil for Planishing Hammer 2” R
  • ——Lower Anvil for Planishing Hammer 3” R
  • ——Lower Anvil for Planishing Hammer 4” R
  • ——Lower Anvil for Planishing Hammer 6” R
  • ——Lower Anvil for Planishing Hammer 8” R
  • ——Lower Anvil for Planishing Hammer 12” R
  • ——9-Piece Planishing Hammer Lower Anvil Set
  • ——Stretcher Die for Planishing Hammer (Lower Anvil)—a new die allows rapid and accurate materials stretching and it is a coherent die (stretches 180°) and is an ideal accessory for working in restricted places, corners, tight spots, and curve flanges; review the product page to view a short demonstration video
  • ——Upper Anvil Head for Planishing Hammer

The maximum sheet metal machining capacity for these anvils is 18 gauge (0.048”) for mild steels and 13 gauge (0.062”) for soft aluminum (1100/3003).  Our Planishing Hammer Anvils are heat-treated for durability and a long life.

Choose American-Engineered and Fabricated English Wheels and Anvils

Mittler Bros. also manufactures English Wheel Anvils and accessories to go with our Bench Mount English Wheel, Floor Model English Wheel and our Metal Shaper Station.  Our English Wheel Anvils include:

  • ——CNC-machined, in-house, heat-treated, steel hard-turned after heat treatment for concentricity
  • ——2-½” diameter x 2” wide
  • ——Flat Anvil Wheel
  • ——12” Radius with ¾” Flat Anvil Wheel
  • ——8-½” Radius with ½” Flat Anvil Wheel
  • ——5” Radius with 3/8” Flat Anvil Wheel
  • ——3-¼” Radius with ¼” Flat Anvil Wheel
  • ——2-3/8” Radius with 1/8” Flat Anvil Wheel
  • ——Set of Wheels (6 Anvil Wheels above)
  • ——3” O.D. x ¾” with Flat, Edging Anvil Wheel
  • ——3” O.D. x ¾” with Radius, Deep Reach Anvil Wheel
  • ——Replacement Upper Wheel – 7” O.D.

Contact Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products with any questions about products and accessory parts for your machine shop.  You can call us toll-free, nationwide at 800-467-2464; or you can call us locally from the St. Louis Area at 636-745-7757.

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