Planishing Hammers

Planishing Hammers Product Line from Mittler Bros.

Durable Machine Shop Planishing Hammers

Planishing hammers from Mittler Bros./Tanner racing products speed up fabrication time on complex multi form sheet metal panels. With fabrication flexibility with Mittler Bros. 3/8” steel plate-constructed Planishing Hammers or Power Hammers, your machinists will have the right tools for automotive restorations, racecar part fabrications, repairs and for creating replacement parts from light steel or aluminum sheet metals.

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Mittler Bros. Planishing Hammers and Power Hammers

Mittler Bros. Planishing Hammers and Power Hammers have innovative designs allowing for a more controlled movement of the metal. This is unlike other methods and equipment that use metal-to-metal dies. Shaping, sheet metal, shrinking and stretching, and the use of soft dies allow your machinist(s) to fabricate compound shapes quickly. The adjustable upper hammer stroke is produces the overall general shape. You complete the finish work as well using adjustable arms. A spring support and upper die assembly, provides a cushioned blow that closely simulates shaping metal with a manual bossing mallets and shot bags.

The combination design allows for the formation and of the overall bends (ideal for automotive panels for instance), and precision Mittler machinery and handheld metalworking or metal forming tools allow your fabrication personnel considerable latitude in producing complex, multi form or multi-bend shapes.

Our product line of Planishing and Power Hammers is ideal for small businesses, race teams, machine shops and DIY automotive restorers. Hammers include:

  • Planishing Hammers – for fast production of complex multi form fabrications
    • 12” Planishing Hammer with 9 radius sheet anvils
    • 24” Planishing Hammer with 9 radius sheet anvils
  • Lower Anvils
    • Lower anvil shaping dies for ¾”, 1 ½”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 12” applications
    • Lower anvil flat die
    • 9 piece lower anvil shaping die sets
    • Upper anvil head
  • Power Hammer – Single Head Only
    • Fabricated Arms
    • Power Hammer Pedestal
  • Single Headed Power Hammer Kit
  • Double-Headed Power Hammer
    • Lower and Upper Arm Weldments
    • Pedestal Drawings
  • Power Hammer Dies
    • Flat top hammer dies
    • Radius (bottom) hammer dies (4”, 6”, 12” and 24”)
    • Stretching set (two pieces) power hammer dies
    • Shrinking set (two pieces) power hammer dies
    • Soft set (two pieces) power hammer dies
    • Complete hammer dies sets
    • Blank power hammer dies

Contact Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing products for commercial Planishing Hammers, Power Hammers, dies and accessories. Although we manufacture in Missouri, we ship tools and equipment nationwide. If your company requires specialized industrial automation equipment, contact our design and engineering personnel. Mittler Bros. custom fabricates industrial automation equipment.

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