Power Hammers

Power Hammers and Accessories from Mittler Brothers

Machine Shop Power Hammers for Quick Sheet Metal Fabrications

Mittler Bros. Power Hammers and accessories are extremely useful tools for racing teams, auto body shops, machine shops and automotive repair businesses.  Our hammers with durable steel base construction ensure a long-lasting, durable product that will last your team or company for years to come.  We offer basic Power Hammers and kits with a range of accessories, or if you need pedestals, drawings or just a wide assortment of dies, we have you covered.

Our Power Hammers are easy to use.  The design allows operators to create basic shapes from sheet metal or completely finished fabrications such as automotive panels or for replacing damaged sections of racecars (of course, there are many, many other uses).

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Power Hammers, Kits and Included Accessories

Mittler Bros. offers single and double arm Power Hammers and kit sets.  Our Single Head Power Hammer and Double Headed Power Hammer models are based on 60 lbs. Yoder M2 Hammers.  These models each have a 1-horsepower motor.  These hammers operate with approximately 900 blows per minute.  Kits include accessory parts and dies or you can purchase products separately or as needed.

Power Hammers—our durable, steel base plate Power Hammers offer a reliable, quick way to created basic sheet metal shapes or completed fabrications; choose your products based on the following hammers and accessories:

  • Power Hammer—Single Head—the hammer stroke is adjustable to assist operators with creating general shapes and completed or finished work including shaping, shrinking and stretching with soft dies that allow operators to produce compound shapes quickly; this item includes:  ram, anvil, flywheel, spring and belting, a 3” and  6” motor pulleys, 2 rod end bearings, a clutch return spring, a clutch idler pulley with bolt and spacer, and also comes with 2 pillow block bearings, and all belts and hardware for operations
  • Single Head Power Hammer Kit—this set allows for easy shaping, shrinking and stretching utilizing soft dies for fabricating compound shapes; an adjustable upper hammer stroke helps an operator produce general shapes and finished work; a leather strap and leaf spring support the upper die assembly providing a cushioned blow simulating metal shaping utilizing a bossing mallet and shot bag (unlike other methods using metal dies, this controls movement; this power hammer kit includes:  a power hammer assembly throat depth of 26” is mounted upon fabricated upper and lower arm weldments upon a pedestal; and this model is factory tested and calibrated
  • Double Headed Power Hammer Kit—same specifications as previously listed models and this model has two power hammer assemblies that are mounted upon fabricated upper and lower arm weldments; complete die set included

Power Hammer Accessory Parts and Dies

Mittler Bros. offers essential accessory parts to upgrade your machinery or to replace parts if needed.  Additionally, we manufacture a wide range of dies for versatility in sheet metal fabrication.  You can also purchase just the drawings if you choose to fabricate your own machine shop equipment.

You can choose accessory parts and dies including:

  • Fabricated Upper and Lower Arms (for Power Hammers)—power hammer and pedestal not included; these upper and lower arm weldments support our Power Hammer Kit; the price does include mounting the kit on the arms, any required adjustments and calibrations—this is a factory tested product
  • Power Hammer Pedestal—predrilled pedestal with support arm mounting holes; dimensions include: 12” x 12” x ½” wall with an 84” high tube that is mounted upon a 4’ x 4’ x 1” thick base plate
  • Upper and Lower Arm Weldment and Pedestal Drawings—drawings are included with Power Hammer Kits or you may purchase just the drawings for fabrication
  • Power Hammer Dies—all of our power hammer dies are precision-machined and fabricated from the highest quality steel; our power hammer dies include: Flat Die, 4" Radius Bottom Die, 6" Radius Bottom Die, 12" Radius Bottom Die, 24" Radius Bottom Die, Stretching Set Dies, Shrinking Set Dies, Soft Set Dies, Blank Die, or a Complete Die Set

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