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Power Hammers for Sale Nationwide to Shops and Racing Teams

Machine Shop Power Hammers for Sheet Metal Fabrications

Mittler Brothers has Power Hammers for sale along with weldments, arms, accessories and wide assortment of dies and die sets.  Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products manufactures hammers and accessories in Missouri and ships nationwide.  Our durable steel frame construction ensures extremely long-lasting and useful tools that are ideal pieces of shop equipment for racing teams (NASCAR, Formula 1, Bandolero and vehicles for other racing circuits).  Of course, ever auto body shop, industrial machine shop and/or automotive repair businesses should also choose Power Hammers for their own sheet metal fabrication and repair requirements as well.

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Easy-to-Use Power Hammers for Sale

These Power Hammers for sale are very easy pieces of machinery to set up and use for a wide range of applications from custom sheet metal fabrications to automotive panel repairs to general repair and/or customization work.  Our Power Hammers allow operators to fabricate basic shapes using sheet metals quickly and easily.  These products also provide operators with the tools required for or completely finished sheet metal fabrications and even complex or compound fabrications such as replacing automotive panels or creating custom work for cars or other applications.

Our Single Head Power Hammer and Double Headed Power Hammer models (along with the same models and kits are based on 60 lbs. Yoder M2 Hammers.  A 1-horsepower motor drives these hammers with approximately 900 strikes per minute.  Unlike other methods using metal dies, a great feature of these hammers allowing for controlled movement is a leather strap and leaf spring support design for the upper die assembly.  This provides a cushioned blow.  This simulates sheet metal shaping utilizing a bossing mallet and shot bag.

Choose from the following Power Hammers for sale (check product descriptions for more information), and do not forget your accessories:

Our hammers have steel base construction and have a wide range of available dies and sets.  Mittler Bros. manufacturers basic Power Hammers, kits, pedestals, upper and lower arm weldments and an assortment of dies that meet almost any fabrication requirements.

Power Hammer Accessory Parts

Your race team, automotive repair shop or industrial machine shop has additional accessory and product options available from Mittler Bros.  We fabricate upper and lower arms, power hammer pedestals, and we also sell weldment drawings for “do-it-yourselfers” and skilled sheet metal workers.  Additionally, you can choose from an assortment of useful dies and die sets for sheet metal fabrications.

Additional accessory parts and drawings for hammers include:

Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products also fabricates a wide range of Power Hammer dies and die sets including: a Flat Die, a 4" Radius Bottom Die, a 6" Radius Bottom Die, a 12" Radius Bottom Die, a 24" Radius Bottom Die, a Stretching Set Dies, a Shrinking Set Dies, Soft Set Dies, a Blank Die, or Complete Die Sets.

Our hammers, arms, weldments and other products are designed to last.  If you need assistance finding equipment or accessories, or need more information about Mittler products, be sure to contact us with your questions.

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