Pyrometers and Accessories

Pyrometers and Accessories for Racing Teams and Mechanics

High-Performance Pyrometers and Accessories

If your race team, mechanic(s), pit crew, or machine shop requires high-performance pyrometers and accessories, tire gauges and other data recording devices (e.g. for chassis setups), then review the innovative products designed and engineered by Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products.  Besides all of the machine shop equipment that you may need, we manufacture a wide assortment of handheld devices and accessories for use at the track, or for general maintenance requirements for high-performance racecars and other vehicles.

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Innovatively Designed Pyrometers and Accessories for Racing Teams

As racing enthusiasts ourselves, we manufacture a wide range of high-end automotive and racing parts, equipment and sheet metal fabrication equipment for customization work.  We have products for cars and trucks, but we also design products that are ideal for various racing circuits including for NASCAR stock cars and racecars in the 1,000 lbs. and under circuits (Bandolero, Formula SAE, Quarter Midgets, MiniCup, Go-Karts, etc.).

Our line of pyrometers and accessories includes:

  • Digital Infrared Pyrometer – this innovative, compact, handheld, one-touch (one finger) pyrometer is ideal for usage on tires, headers, interior hot spots or even for track temperatures; this handheld unit uses a laser for pinpoint accuracy; also, this pyrometer reads temperature ranges from 0-750° Fahrenheit
  • Digital Tire Pyrometers – options include our standard Digital Tire Pyrometer model or choose our Digital Tire Pyrometer with Case; these innovative pyrometer product designs feature a reliable Type “K” Thermocouple; pyrometers operate on a 9-volt battery and are accurate to ¼  of 1%; these pyrometers are available with a convenient coiled cord and foam lined carrying case
  • Smart Temp Tire Pyrometers - Smart Temp Tire Pyrometer model or choose our Smart Temp Tire Pyrometer with Auto Lock model; these handheld digital pyrometers are ideal for usage as a diagnostic tool for chassis tuning and to pinpoint problematic areas in chassis setup; our unique design accommodates right or left hand usage; the devices store up to 10 sets of memory including three temperatures per wheel; these pyrometers perform temperature averaging; the digital monitor has adjustable contrast and the pyrometers come with a detachable and/or replaceable probe; carrying cases available
  • Replacement Pyrometer Probe – Type “K” model Racing Tire Probe with a durable strong tip; the probe provides fast updates
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  • Review our selection of Racing Tire Gauges
  • Review our selection of other Data Recording devices

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We encourage racing enthusiasts, race teams, mechanics, automotive business, mechanics and other individuals to learn more about our pyrometers and accessories, and to review other products that we manufacture.  We proudly design, engineer and manufacture automotive and racing parts and equipment in the U.S.A.

Please review product descriptions at our online store for additional product information and pricing.  You can call Tanner Racing Products or Mittler Brothers toll-free, nationwide at 800-467-2464 or at 636-745-7757.

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We ship products, parts, machinery and other equipment nationwide.  Depending on weight, heavier equipment and parts are shipped by truck at freight rates, or LTL (location-to-location).  International companies and customers are welcome to contact us about equipment and parts availability and international shipping rates.  We ship parts worldwide.

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