Race Car Scales

Race Car Scales and High-End Automotive Equipment

Scales Made in the USA by Tanner Racing Products/Mittler Bros.

Race car scales for racing cars, general automotive use and even for aircraft are essential tools for maintenance and optimal performance of your vehicles. Tanner Racing Products/Mittler Bros. manufactures a product line of highly accurate race car scales. Our scales and other automotive equipment are manufactured in the US, just west of the St. Louis metropolitan area. With our manufacturing facilities in Missouri, we are able to ship parts fast to customers nationwide.

The personnel at Tanner Racing Products are fans of racing and classic car restorations. Moreover, you can tell this by the dependability and accuracy of our standard and custom automotive equipment and parts. With a passion for everything automotive, we realize that racing teams, small businesses, machinists, auto body shops, dealers, repair shops and even manufacturers and industrial companies need durable equipment and accessories for standard or custom metal fabrications. Our race car scales are designed to meet that standard, as is all of our equipment, stand fabrications, or custom-made equipment and fabrications.

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Race Car Scales

Whether you need race car scales for a team on one of the racing circuits (NASCAR stock, quarter midgets, Formula 1s, Go-Karts, etc.) or for an automotive shop, you can rely on dependable, well-made, long-lasting equipment from Tanner Racing Products. Our race car scales and accessories include:

  • Standard 15” Pads – 15” x 15” pads, capacity of 1500 lbs. per pad, 18’ heavy duty flexible cables, rechargeable battery with 40 hours of working time, display all pertinent information at once in pounds or kilograms
  • Junior 10” Pads – 10” x 10” CNC billet aluminum pads, 250 lbs. per pad capacity, 10’ heavy duty flexible cables, displays all information weights in pounds or kilograms (selectable) and displays all percentages, rechargeable 40 hour battery, and accuracy is 1/10 of a pound; these are ideal for vehicles under 1000 lbs. including Arena Cup, Bandolero, Formula SAE, Go-Karts, Mini Cup, Quads, Quarter Midget and TQ/Micro vehicles
  • Deluxe 15” Pads – 15” x 15” permanent molded platforms; same features as above plus custom matched load cells, stainless Push-lok connectors, gold plated contacts, easy to read displays, one-touch functions, memory storage, center of gravity calculations, fuel mileage calculations and molded case for the controller
  • Tanner Ultimate Wireless Radio Frequency 15” Scales – FCC-approved! All functions in one unit with high contrast monitor, instant updating, rechargeable unit; also, 7000 lbs. capacity unit with pads at 1750 lbs., individual and multiple pad zeroing, and monitor designed for night viewing, in fact this is an ideal piece of equipment for use at racing events
  • Tanner Ultimate Wireless Jr. 10” Scales – FCC-approved units! Same functions as above for most features, but designed for vehicles under 1000 lbs., uses 10” x 10” pads
  • Aircraft Scales available in 15” x 15” at 1500 lbs. per pad capacity
  • Tanner Racing Products’ accessories for race car scales include:
    • Portable Aluminum Scale Storage Cart
    • Roll Back Trays – sold in sets of four; these reduce suspension binding for accurate results
    • 10” Elephant Stops – wheel stops included; sets of four
    • Scale Control Poly Storage Case – storage case for control boxes and cables
    • Replacement Scale Charger for Tanner RaceScales – control box battery charger/replacement battery
    • Wired Scale Battery Pack – battery charger for control box
    • 18’ Standard and Deluxe Replacement Cables

Get accurate automotive race care scales direct from the manufacturer—Tanner Racing Products/Mittler Bros. We manufacture, design and engineer automotive and industrial automation equipment; and our prices are affordable for small shops!

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