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Racecar Tools, Adjustment Tools and Miscellaneous Accessories from Tanner Racing Products

Missouri Manufacturer Specializes in Racecar Tools and Racing Parts

If you are looking for Racecar Tools, various Adjustment Tools or miscellaneous automotive accessories for a racecar or automobile, then be sure to review products available direct from Missouri manufacturer Tanner Racing Products (and Mittler Brothers) for a business, a race team, pit crews, mechanics, machine shops, automotive repair shops, auto body shops or for individual use.  Our high-performance automotive parts are ideal for racecars or for DIY automotive projects.  We sell products for all the major racing circuits including Bandoleros, drag racing, Formula SAE, Go-Karts, Mini Cups, NASCAR and Quarter Midgets.

Businesses and individuals are welcome to contact Tanner Racing Products/Mittler Brothers direct about products or sales inquiries.  Feel free to call us at toll-free, nationwide at 800-467-2464, with questions about Racecar Tools, Adjustment Tools and accessories or other equipment and automotive parts.

Racecar Tools Direct from Tanner Racing Products

Tanner Racing Products sells a variety of useful Racecar Tools and miscellaneous shop tools.  We urge you to review some of the product listings or search for a particular tool or accessory.

Some of these tools include:

  • Air Pop Rivet Gun – aka Air Pop Pneumatic Rivet Gun
  • AN Wrenches - CNC precision machined wrenches with 15° & 90° ends that will not spread apart in usage, additionally, these AN wrenches are laser-etched and color anodized for easy identification; our AN wrenches are available in the following sets:  a 6 through 16 Line Wrench Set, a 3 through 20 Line Wrench Set, or individually as:  a 3 90° Line Wrench, a 4 90° Line Wrench, a 6 90° Line Wrench, a 8 90° Line Wrench, a 10 90° Line Wrench, a 12 90° Line Wrench, a 16 90° Line Wrench, or a 20 90° Line Wrench
  • Frame Height Gauges – easy to grip Frame Height Gauges engineered with a solid aluminum construction; these gauges are easy to grip and move; available sizing includes:  a 1-¾” to 3-3/8” Height Gauge, a 3-½” to 4-¾” Height Gauge and a 4” to 7-3/8” Height Gauge
  • Plumb Bob and String
  • Safety Wire and Pliers – including: 9” Safety Wire Pliers, 9” Milbar Safety Wire Pliers, Safety Wire .020”, Safety Wire .032”, or Safety Wire .041”
  • —Sockets - Kryptonite Short Socket, Kryptonite Long Socket, Short Super Socket, or a Long Super Socket

Of course, this is just a small representation of our miscellaneous tools for racecars.  We stock a wide range of high-performance automotive parts, many designed specifically for NASCAR stock cars, dragsters, and lighter class vehicles including Bandoleros, Formula SE racecars, Quarter Midgets, Mini Cup racers and even Go-Karts (review Quarter Midget and Go-Kart Parts).

Additional Tools and Accessories for Racecars and Autombolies

Review the Tanner Racing Products section of Mittler Brothers online for a wide range of high-end racecar and automotive parts to go along with your other Racecar Tools.   Some of our additional product categories of smaller automotive and racing tools along with handheld tools includes:

  • Adjustment Tools – items include a Camber Shim Kit, a ½” Camber Shim, a ¾” Camber Shim, a 1” Camber Shim, Standard Shims (contains one each: 1/16”, 1/8”, ¼”,  and 3/8”; options include:  a Camber Shim Kit, a ½” Camber Shim, a ¾” Camber Shim, a 1” Camber Shim); a Universal A-Frame Shim Kit (contains one each: 1/16”, 1/8”, ¼”,  and 3/8”); also, we sell Lower Blocks including:  ½”, 1” and 1-½” Lowering Blocks and 1°, 1.5° and 2° Lowering Blocks ½” thick); also, you can choose Tapered Pinion Shims including 1°, 1.5° and 2° Pinion Wedge styles; additionally, other Adjustment Tools include: Jack Bolt Clamps (left or right) or Jack Screw (tapered left or right); and, also, Spring Rubbers fabricated using urethane material that does not harden, styles include: Spring Rubber (Red) 10#, (Blue) 15# or (Black) 20# and Coilover Spring Rubber (Red) 10#, (Blue) 15# or (Black) 20#
  • Clamp-on Accessories
  • Data Recording Devices – or Racecar Data Recording: Air Density Gauges and Stopwatches for use at the racetrack
  • Extreme Tire Management System
  • Miscellaneous Accessories
  • Pyrometers
  • Tire Gauges

Of course, at Tanner Racing Products, we sell a variety of other automotive parts, alignment systems, alignment equipment, Racing Scales, miscellaneous accessories and replacement parts.

Learn more about Tanner Racing’s Automotive Products

We fabricate and manufacture automotive parts and machine shop equipment at our facility just west of the St. Louis metropolitan area.  We ship Racecar Tools, automotive parts, miscellaneous tools, machinery and machine shop equipment throughout the United States and to international customers. Be sure to visit the Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products store to review product descriptions, or download the 2014 Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products Catalog (pdf file) or request a 2014 Print Product Catalog.  You may reach us at 800-467-2464, or at 636-745-7757 (locally in Eastern Missouri).  Also, feel free to email us your product questions:  sales@mittlerbros.com