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Compact, Portable Racing Scales for Use at the Racetrack

Race Scales for Stock Cars or Lightweight Vehicle Classes

Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products manufactures lightweight, compact racing scales designed for heavier stock cars and for lightweight vehicle classes (1000 lbs. or under).  These durable, billet aluminum racing scales have a slimmer design than previous models and can handle twice the weight!  We have racecar scales to fit almost any need, and our units are available as wired, wireless, with a Control Module or an easy-to-read, backlit LCD monitor that is ideal for use at the racetrack during the evening hours or in dark conditions.

Any racing team in one of the racing circuits, (NASCAR stock, Formula SAE, Bandolero, Arena Cup, Mini Cup vehicles, Quarter Midgets, Quads, TQ/Micro vehicles, Go-Karts, etc.), short track teams or pit crews, or automotive shops, mechanics, or machinists can benefit by using our lightweight race car scales

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Tanner Racing Products’ RaceScales, Pads and Monitors

Our compact, portable units have a lightweight design, yet can handle more weight than previous models or competing products.

Some of our racing scales and accessories include:

  • 1” Tall RaceScales1” Tall Wireless Scales, 1” Wired RaceScales, 1” Tall Wireless Scales with Roll Back Trays, 1” Wired RaceScales with Roll Back Trays, and Billet Roll Back Trays for 1” Scales (Scales Not Included); learn more about our new, slim, portable 1” Tall RaceScales that are ideal for field use at the racetrack; our wireless scales feature rugged construction that can twice the weight of competing products while the slim design is half as thick as previous scales; wireless scales come with a readout display screen or LCD touch screen control screen; the pads are fabricated using durable billet aluminum; Roll Back Trays are included with some models and are sold separately as well
  • RaceScales Standard 15” Pads – affordable version of our racing scales and pads; 15” x 15” billet aluminum pads; weight capacity is 1500 lbs. per pad (6000 lbs total); 18’ heavy duty flexible cables; rechargeable battery with 40 hours of working time, display all pertinent information at once in pounds or kilograms
  • RaceScales Jr. 10” Pads – 10” x 10” CNC billet aluminum pads; 250 lbs. per pad capacity; 10’ heavy duty flexible cables; readout displays all information weights in pounds or kilograms (selectable) and displays all percentages—weight monitoring to 1/10th of a pound; upgraded, deluxe software for calculating the center of gravity; rechargeable 40 hour battery; these are ideal for vehicles under 1000 lbs. including Arena Cup, Bandolero, Formula SAE, Go-Karts, Mini Cup, Quads, Quarter Midget and TQ/Micro vehicles
  • RaceScales Deluxe 15” Pads – 15” x 15” permanent molded platforms; same features as above product; custom, matched load cells; stainless Push-lok connectors, gold plated contacts; use with our easy to read display Controller Module that has one-touch functions, memory storage, center of gravity calculations, fuel mileage calculations; controller unit and molded case for the controller; this system is ideal for use by NASCAR, IRL, SCCA, USAC, and other professional teams
  • Tanner Ultimate Wireless Radio Frequency 15” Scales – FCC-approved!  All functions in one rechargeable unit with high contrast, LCD touch screen monitor; instant updating; internal rib design reduces deflection; also, this unit has a total 7000 lbs. capacity with individual pads at 1750 lbs.; individual and multiple pad zeroing; the display monitor is designed for night viewing; in fact, this is an ideal piece of equipment for use at racing events since we know that this scale system is used top NASCAR Sprint Cup, Nationwide, and Camping World Truck Series teams
  • Tanner Ultimate Wireless Radio Frequency Jr. 10” Scales – FCC-approved units!  Same functions as above for most features, but designed for vehicles under 1000 lbs., uses 10” x 10” pads; comes with high contrast, backlit LCD monitor for easy use at night or at the track; the monitor also has a touch screen feature; permanent pad mold design for stronger parts; an affordable solution for lightweight vehicle class teams
  • Aircraft Scales available in 15” x 15” at 1500 lbs. per pad capacity
  • Racing Scales Accessories from Tanner Racing Products include:

Regardless of the vehicle class, Tanner Racing Products has your team covered.  We are racing enthusiasts ourselves.  We took up the challenge of creating even easier to carry scales and pads that can handle twice the strength.  Most models are accurate to 1/10th of pound!

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Scales for Racing Teams and for Shop Use

Be sure to review our products from Tanner Racing Products or Mittler Brothers.  We design, engineer, manufacture, and test products for a variety of applications ranging from the machine shop to the racetrack.   Of course, our racing scales are ideal for racing teams, but mechanics and automotive repair shops will find the portability and accuracy quite beneficial for daily usage.

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