Remote Bump Stop Adjuster

Tanner Racing Products Manufactures an Easy-Access, Remote Bump Stop Adjuster

New, Remote Bump Stop Adjuster with an Innovative Design

If your racing team, automotive shop or business is looking for a Remote Bump Stop Adjuster for a racecar, pit crews, or for mechanics, American-manufacturer Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products announces the availability of our new Bump Stop Adjuster.  We suggest that racing teams or automotive repair shops take a look at our new design for this Remote Bump Stop Adjuster that is designed for easy usage/manipulation from either under the hood of your vehicle, or by the driver depending on the rules of a particular racing circuit.

Known for our innovative automotive equipment, parts and sheet metal fabrication equipment, frequently tailored to accommodate the needs of the racing circuits from NASCAR stock cars to vehicles in the lighter classes under 1,000 lbs., such as Formula SAE, Bandolero, Quarter Midgets, MiniCup racers, or even Go-Karts.

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Remote Bump Stop Adjuster:  Product Features

As a manufacturer of high-end automotive and racing parts for all the major circuits, Tanner Racing Products’ innovative design and manufacturing capability now results in a new, Remote Adjustable Bump Stop that allows a method of using a Remote Adjustable Bump Stop perch, which allows pit crews and/or a driver to make adjustments in 1/8” increments up to a total lift capacity of ½”.  This new design completely eliminates the use plastic shims, which are all too susceptible to fracturing or ejection.  Mechanics can mount our new, Remote Bump Stop Adjuster directly under the hood to allow pit crew or mechanics easy access.

We have made our new design as practical and easy to manipulate as we can.  This new compact design, the product’s durable construction, and overall ease-of-use makes Tanner Racing Products’ new, Remote Bump Stop Adjuster an ideal piece of equipment for drivers, pit crews and mechanics.

This particular piece of equipment features:

  • —A total lift capacity at ½”
  • —Vibration-resistant remote ram allows a driver or mechanic to raise or lower Bump Stops in 1/8” increments per turn
  • —A truly compact remote ram design
  • —A design to fit all coil-over shocks
  • —Engineering resulting in a durable body design constructed from hard, anodized aircraft aluminum
  • —Lightweight, very durable transfer lines fabricated with Kevlar
  • —A direct replacement design for a lower spring perch
  • —A quick-release dry brake for instant shock removal—ideal for crews
  • —An overall reduction in usual Bump Stop tuning time (up to a 75% reduction)
  • —User-friendly construction allows easy spring or Bump Stop changes
  • —Easy access mounting under the vehicle hood for mechanics
  • —Optional remote mounting within the reach of the driver

We designed, engineered and fabricate this Remote Bump Stop Adjuster along with Bump Steer Gauges and indicators in the U.S.A.—just west of the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Order Bump Steer Gauges and Accessories

Tanner Racing Products manufactures other Bump Steer Gauge Equipment to meet all of the needs of your repair shop or racing team.  With proper front end geometry, you should see more consistent and faster lap times in your racecar, regardless of the classification (stock car, Formula SAE or vehicles under 1,000 lbs.).  Avoid misalignments and worse problems from incorrect Bump Steer settings, which may allow wheels to turn unexpectedly, since an incorrectly set suspension will travel up and down while the vehicle is moving!

You can resolve these issues and set proper front end geometry with the right equipment including our Bump Steer Gauges—product features include:

  • Bump Steer Gauge with an optional 1” Dial Indicator—this equipment easily resolves many alignment issues; additionally, this gauge features full adjustment to any height and fits 5” x 5” and standard wide 5” hubs for most racecars; this equipment works at ride height or you can use it with jack stands; the gauge’s lightweight, portable design will measure 6” of travel; additionally, this gauge comes with two Dial Indicators
  • One Step Bump Steer with an optional Trick Dial Indicator—offers the same features as the previous model; additional product options includes equipment that fits 5” x 5”, 5” x 4-¾” and 5” x 4-½” racecar hubs; the compact, lightweight and portable design is ideal repair shop equipment or for usage at racetrack

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Tanner Racing Products hopes the new, Remote Bump Stop Adjuster meets your particular requirements.  We strive to release useful, innovative and time-saving equipment whether for mechanics, machinists, pit crews or for drivers.  We manufacture equipment and accessories in the U.S.A. and we ship equipment, machinery, parts and accessories, and automotive parts nationwide and to international customers.

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