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When you need a shear brake or other sheet metal brakes for parts fabrication, panel fabrications, repairs, automotive restorations, aircraft assembly, boating/marine applications or for our passion—racing, then you need a shear brake, box and pan brakes and other bending and metal forming equipment direct from Mittler Bros. Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products are known for supplying small businesses, machinists, racing teams, automotive shops, auto body shops and even manufacturers and industrial companies with some of the most cost-effective, yet durable and dependable products.

Mittler Bros. also provides industrial automation design and engineering. So, whether you need affordable equipment or highly specialized, custom equipment for manufacturing and industrial applications, contact Mittler Bros., your source for “Made in the USA” brakes, cutters, benders, shrinker stretchers, presses, tools and other products.

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Shear Brake and Sheet Metal Brakes from Mittler Bros.

Our Mittler Bros. products, including our Ultimate 52” Foot Shear Brake, are made of highly durable 3/8” steel plating. Our products are made for use in repair shops, sheet metal fabrication shops, auto body shops and even for more mass-produced fabrications using mild sheet metals such as aluminum, mild steels and stainless steel.

Our main shear brake is an industry staple. Our specifications for this shear brake include:

Ultimate 52” Foot Shear Brake – ideal for large sheet metal cutting for repairs, restorations, parts fabrication, panels, doors and other automotive, aviation or marine parts

  • 52" Cutting Capacity
  • Maximum Sheet Metal Grade/Capacity – 16 gauge mild steels, .080" 6061 aluminum and 24 gauge stainless steel
  • 52" Machined Steel Table
  • Adjustable Blade Clearance for Maximum Versatility
  • Reversible Blades for Extended Service Life
  • Adjustable Front Leveling Feet
  • Optional Back Gauge Kit for Ultimate 52" Foot Shear

Additional Cutting and Shearing Products

Mittler Bros. also manufactures a wide range of sheet metal cutting, bending and forming equipment. From powered equipment to handheld tools, Mittler Bros. has you covered with absolutely essential tools. Additional cutting and shearing products include:

  • Additional Sheet Metal Brakes
    • Ultimate Box and Pan Brake (48" 16ga Ultimate Box & Pan Brake, 72" 18 Gauge Ultimate Box & Pan Brake w/ Floor Stand, both with a unique three finger design)
    • Ultimate Box and Pan Brake accessories with a wide range of fingers, radius or radii bars, and miscellaneous accessories
    • 22 Gauge Brake (Portable, originally designed for racecar body fabrications) in the following models: Sheet Metal Straight Brake 72" wide - 22 Gauge Capacity, Radius Brake for 72" 22 Gauge Brake 1/2" x 72" Long, and Sheet Metal Straight Brake 96" wide - 22 GA Capacity
    • 16 Gauge Brakes
    • Radius Brakes – 6’ and 8’ models that handle 16 gauge (.060) mild steels and 11 gauge (.090) aluminum sheet metal
  • Additional Shearing and Cutting Equipment and Tools
    • Beverly Shears - 14 Gauge B-1 Throatless Beverly Shear, 10 Gauge B-2 Throatless Beverly Shear, 7 Gauge B-3 Throatless Beverly Shear, Slitting Beverly Shear and blades for the models
    • Metal Forming Hand Tools including snips, snippers, shears, hand seamers, and high capacity offset snips

Mittler Bros. also carries a wide range of metal forming, metalworking, bending and cutting tools in other product categories. Whatever tool you need, contact Mittler Bros. for some of the best, most durable sheet metal fabrication tools available in the USA.

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